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The Black Dahlia Murder update

Wednesday, January 5, 2005 10:05 PM PT / 8,674 views

The Black Dahlia Murder have written roughly half of their next album. According to the band, "[it] completely destroys anything we've done prior. We are very proud of the new songs, and are sure that our fans will not be disappointed. The direction of the new shit is noticeably heavier and far more intricate than our previous work." The effort will be recorded by Andreas Magnusson in March, then mixed by Eric Rachel at New Jersey's Trax East studios in April. Entitled "Miasma," the new album will hit stores this summer via Metal Blade Records. Meanwhile, the group's reissue of "A Cold Blooded Epitaph" is currently at the pressing plant and should be available in two months. Re-mastered by Scott Hull, the effort will also feature live bonus tracks and a live video. Cover art is being handled by Mark Riddick.

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