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Misery Index

1/24/2023 Unearth reveal European dates w Misery Index, Turbid North, and more
12/23/2022 Unearth to tour Europe with Misery Index and Year Of The Knife
11/3/2022 Misery Index launch new music video for 'Rites of Cruelty'
4/28/2022 Misery Index premiere title track of new album 'Complete Control'
4/6/2022 Misery Index debut new song and video 'Infiltrators'
3/22/2022 Misery Index share new track 'Strategies of Manipulation'
3/11/2022 Misery Index premiere new song and video 'The Eaters and the Eaten'
2/22/2022 Misery Index to release new album 'Complete Control' in May
2/13/2022 End Reign (All Out War, Integrity, Bloodlet, Pig Destroyer) premiere two new songs
2/9/2022 Misery Index, Origin tour dates announced
2/8/2022 ex-Misery Index, Dying Fetus guitarist Bruce Greig dies
12/28/2021 Misery Index finish recording new album
11/11/2021 All Out War, Integrity, Misery Index, Bloodlet members form new band End Reign
8/14/2021 Misery Index recording new album
5/14/2021 2021 Full Terror Assault lineup finalized
2/5/2021 Lock Up rejoined by Tomas Lindberg, recording new album
12/18/2020 Misery Index, Primitive Man, Ulthar to tour Europe
9/2/2020 Misery Index sign with Century Media, working on new album
5/5/2020 Lock Up announce new drummer Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer)
11/3/2019 Napalm Death, Eyehategod, Misery Index tour (Europe, UK)
4/3/2019 Misery Index stream Snapcase cover
1/10/2019 Misery Index debuts title track of new album
12/12/2018 Misery Index announce new album, premiere first single
11/12/2018 Misery Index completes new album
6/20/2018 Misery Index recording new album
5/24/2018 Cast The Stone (Misery Index, Scour) announces new EP
2/2/2018 Misery Index premiere song, announce new 7-inch
5/5/2017 Scour adds Misery Index, Pig Destroyer drummer to band
8/29/2016 The Black Dahlia Murder, Napalm Death announce U.S tour
5/17/2016 Misery Index announces European tour
12/16/2015 Choosing Death Fest announced
8/31/2015 Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Beyond Creation tour
5/17/2015 Full Terror Assault 2015 lineup finalized
3/17/2015 Misery Index, Lord Dying tour dates
6/24/2014 Misery Index tour (Europe)
2/25/2014 Misery Index completes new album; due out in May
11/21/2013 Misery Index recording new album
9/9/2013 Misery Index prepares new album
12/12/2012 Misery Index to release live album
10/12/2012 Pig Destroyer/Misery Index drummer unveils Fulgora
9/11/2012 Cannibal Corpse, Misery Index tour
7/30/2012 Strong Intention tour dates
7/27/2012 Misery Index tour dates
7/4/2012 Shockwave Festival tour canceled
5/2/2012 Shockwave Festival tour lineup, dates announced
1/23/2012 Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted, etc. tour
7/7/2011 Pig Destroyer announces new drummer
6/15/2011 Misery Index signs with Season of Mist
5/21/2011 Misery Index tour dates (Canada)
3/27/2011 Misery Index tour dates (Asia, Europe, etc.)
8/26/2010 Misery Index, Grave, Arsis, etc. tour (Europe)
8/4/2010 Despised Icon's final U.S. tour dates
8/2/2010 Despised Icon schedules final Canadian run
7/20/2010 Despised Icon announces final tour
2/12/2010 Misery Index, Gigan tour dates
1/13/2010 Misery Index, Magrudergrind tour
12/21/2009 Misery Index set to enter studio
11/17/2009 Misery Index prepares new album
3/17/2009 Misery Index tour dates
10/15/2008 Hate Eternal, Misery Index, SYNT tour (Europe)
10/2/2008 BDM, Misery Index, Soilent Green tour dates
6/6/2008 Origin, Misery Index, Abysmal Dawn tour
5/6/2008 Misery Index recording new album
12/27/2007 Misery Index to enter studio in May
10/17/2007 Misery Index, Despised Icon tour (Europe)
8/16/2007 Misery Index working on new album
6/19/2007 Misery Index announces new split 7"
3/26/2007 Misery Index, Dew-Scented, etc. tour (Europe)
12/11/2006 Misery Index to release limited 7"
11/22/2006 Necrophagist, Misery Index, etc. dates (Europe)
9/11/2006 Misery Index, Swarm Of The Lotus, Intronaut dates
9/5/2006 Misery Index, Crematorium, Strong Intention tour
9/2/2006 Misery Index to shoot video
7/31/2006 Misery Index and Neuraxis dates (Canada)
4/20/2006 Misery Index, FASSW, Animosity, etc. tour
3/8/2006 Misery Index and Fear Factory tour (Europe)
2/27/2006 Misery Index album details
2/1/2006 Misery Index tour schedule
1/27/2006 Relapse Records signs Misery Index
12/11/2005 Misery Index update
9/22/2005 Misery Index part w/ Nuclear Blast Records
4/7/2005 Misery Index removed from Deicide, etc. tour
3/4/2005 Misery Index, Skinless, Deicide, etc. tour
10/1/2004 Misery Index and Neuraxis tour (Canada)
9/16/2004 Misery Index seek additional guitarist
8/2/2004 Misery Index drummer joins Chimaira
7/8/2004 Misery Index loses guitarist
6/17/2004 Misery Index and Arsis tour dates
6/7/2004 Misery Index rejoined by former drummer
4/3/2004 Kataklysm, Misery Index, Cannae, etc. tour
3/18/2004 Misery Index loses drummer
1/13/2003 Misery Index to record new album in March
10/4/2002 Misery Index signs with Nuclear Blast
3/22/2002 Misery Index finishes recording for split

News Tidbits
2/9/2020 Misery Index release new mini-documentary
11/25/2019 Misery Index premiere new video
7/4/2019 Misery Index share new music video
3/22/2019 Misery Index issue new video
3/7/2019 full stream of new Misery Index album
2/5/2019 Misery Index streaming new song
4/19/2018 Video: Pig Destroyer and Misery Index members perform Sepultura song with Max Cavalera and Soulfly.
6/6/2016 Asphalt Graves (Misery Index, Gwar) have unveiled a new track from their upcoming album.
11/13/2015 Here is Misery Index's cover of the Sepultura track "Primitive Future."
5/1/2015 Misery Index has debuted their new video for "The Harrowing."
4/3/2015 Misery Index has offered up a preview of their new music video for "The Harrowing."
2/25/2015 The new Fulgora (Pig Destroyer, Misery Index) record can currently be streamed in its entirety.
6/16/2014 Misery Index's new video for "The Calling" has made its online debut.
5/13/2014 Misery Index is streaming their new album in full.
4/22/2014 Misery Index has unveiled the title track of their new full-length.
4/1/2014 Misery Index has premiered a new track titled "The Calling."
3/17/2014 Misery Index has premiered the first new track from their forthcoming album.
5/6/2010 Misery Index's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
4/28/2010 Another track from Misery Index's next release is available online.
4/11/2010 A track from Misery Index's next release has been made available online.
9/20/2009 Misery Index is currently writing new material and will enter the studio this winter.
9/17/2008 Click here to stream the new Misery Index album.
9/3/2008 Another track from Misery Index's upcoming release has been uploaded.
7/25/2008 Misery Index has unveiled a song from their forthcoming release.
11/29/2006 Misery Index's new video for "Conquistadores" is now online.
11/15/2006 Necrophagist and Misery Index will tour Europe together in February.
5/3/2006 An ecard for the upcoming Misery Index album has been posted.
3/21/2006 An ecard for Misery Index's upcoming European tour is now online. The ecard features a track from the band's upcoming album.
5/5/2005 Misery Index, Swarm Of The Lotus, Ion Dissonance, and Strong Intention will be touring the U.S. for four weeks beginning in late-July.
10/25/2004 Misery Index have posted a track from their new EP, "Dissent," here.
7/8/2004 Cephalic Carnage and Misery Index will be touring together in September.

1/15/2020 2019 Metal Albums of the Year
5/1/2015 Misery Index "The Harrowing" video premiere
3/11/2014 Misery Index "Conjuring The Cull" song premiere

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