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2/13/2024 Helmet shared Look Left Tour leg 2 tour dates ft Cro-Mags
1/7/2024 Cro-Mags announce Southeast tour with support from Snafu and Writhings
9/15/2023 Cro-Mags release official statement on violent altercation following the Maryland show this week
9/13/2023 Cro-Mags involved in altercation after show in Maryland, attendees maced, stabbed, and assaulted
4/11/2023 Cro-Mags to perform 'Best Wishes' shows in July
3/25/2023 Cro-Mags frontman Harley Flanagan opens up on effects of his addiction and childhood trauma
2/9/2023 No/Más issue music video, share Winter tour dates with Cro-Mags & Ringworm
10/20/2022 Cro-Mags announce East Coast and Midwest December dates
10/5/2022 Cro-Mags trademark solely belongs to Harley Flanagan now
6/10/2022 Cro-Mags' Harley Flanagan sues ex-bandmate John Joseph over use of band name
4/12/2021 Cro-Mags denounce 'The Age Of Quarrel' reissue
11/28/2020 Cro-Mags debut title track of new EP
11/23/2020 Cro-Mags set to release new EP
5/13/2020 Inter Arma announce covers record, debut Neil Young cover
3/31/2020 Cro-Mags announce first new album in 20 years
1/9/2020 Cro-Mags complete their first new album in 20 years
10/11/2019 Cro-Mags premiere new song featuring Motorhead guitarist
9/5/2019 Cro-Mags 'JM' frontman suffers injury, shows canceled
8/20/2019 Terror, Cro-Mags JM, Jesus Piece to tour Europe, UK
6/28/2019 Cro-Mags release new EP, sign with Victory Records
6/6/2019 Harley Flanagan recording new Cro-Mags album
5/14/2019 Killswitch Engage, Clutch, Cro-Mags tour announced
5/13/2019 Clutch announce Earth Rocker Festival 2019
4/22/2019 Cro-Mags lawsuit settled, Harley Flanagan now owns name
11/28/2018 Hatebreed, Obituary, Cro-Mags, Terror, Fit For An Autopsy tour
6/18/2018 Maryland Deathfest 2019 lineup takes shape
5/26/2018 Cro-Mags founder Harley Flanagan suing band over name
2/15/2018 Eyehategod, Cro-Mags tour
7/30/2017 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2017 lineup announced
7/17/2017 Eyehategod to tour U.S. with Cro-Mags, Negative Approach
3/4/2017 Harley Flanagan calls out Cro-Mags frontman
2/2/2017 Harley Flanagan to release EP with new band Hard-Core
1/12/2017 Modified Ghost Festival 2017 lineup announced
9/22/2016 Cro-Mags frontman says festival promoter ripped off bands
3/28/2016 Cro-Mags co-founder Harley Flanagan releases solo album
2/11/2016 Bloodclot (Cro-Mags, ex-Danzig) sign with Metal Blade
3/30/2015 This is Hardcore 2015 lineup announced
1/13/2015 Cro-Mags announce North American tour dates
12/15/2014 Southeast Beast 2015 lineup takes shape
8/18/2014 TNT Fest 2014 lineup finalized
8/4/2014 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
4/24/2014 Harley Flanagan recording new album
3/2/2014 2014 Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival lineup
2/17/2014 Cro-Mags tour dates
2/17/2014 Breast Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
7/10/2013 Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 lineup announced
6/27/2013 Cro-Mags sue Harley Flanagan for NYC brawl
6/26/2013 East Coast Tsunami 2013 lineup announced
1/10/2013 Cro-Mags mini-tour
12/14/2012 Harley Flanagan assault case dismissed
7/30/2012 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012 lineup
7/12/2012 Harley Flanagan: "What I did was defend my life"
7/7/2012 Harley Flanagan stabs Cro-Mags member at CBGB Fest
5/7/2012 CBGB Fest to feature Sick Of It All, Cro-Mags, VOD
2/6/2012 Southern Lord signs Harley Flanagan

News Tidbits
12/2/2020 Cro-Mags release new video
9/3/2020 Cro-Mags release new video
5/14/2020 Cro-Mags issue new video featuring Phil Campbell of Motorhead
4/17/2020 Cro-Mags premiere new track
3/16/2020 Cro-Mags stream live performance after show canceled
11/19/2019 Cro-Mags share their first new video in 27 years

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