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Harley Flanagan to release EP with new band Hard-Core

Cro-Mags ex-bassist and co-founder Harley Flanagan has revealed that he and his new band, Hard-Core, will release a new record this summer. A portion of the proceeds from its first single will go towards the recovery of ailing Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know. A PledgeMusic campaign has been launched in advance of the EPs release. Here's the official word from Flanagan:
"When Gary Miller A/K/A Dr Know the guitarist for the Bad Brains got sick I wanted to do something to help him, so I reached out to my old band members to see if we could do a benefit or a reunion show, but that didn't work out. Dr. Know and the Bad Brains were a huge influence on my music, on the Cro-Mags and close personal friends of mine and my family. I am releasing the first song from my new LP coming out this year to support Dr Know and his family."

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