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Harley Flanagan calls out Cro-Mags frontman

It's no secret that Cro-Mags co-founder Harley Flanagan isn't a fan of his former bandmates. In 2012, Flanagan was arrested for assaulting two members of the Cro-Mags camp at a New York City show (for the record, Flanagan says his actions were the result of self-defense). At the time, Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph said that Flanagan "had been at odds with other members of the Cro-Mags since he left the band in 2000 and had not been permitted to rejoin." Fast forward five years, and Flanagan apparently still isn't ready to make amends with Joseph and company. Three days ago he took to Instagram to accuse Joseph of contacting Flanagan's bandmates in Hard-Core, "talking shit to them." Referring to Joseph by his nickname "Bloodclot" (also the name of Joseph's latest band), Flanagan had this to say:
"Bloodclot must be terrified that I'm about to hit the road again because he is writing my band members talking shit to them, LMAO. Guess what, we are gonna smoke that fake ass band that don't write songs, lol, we are gonna blow his wig right off his fuckin head Lol ;) See you on tour!!!!"
The message was accompanied by a photo of Joseph along with several hashtags, including #wiggottaknow and #weavegottaknow.

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