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Arthur Rizk

5/6/2022 Temple Of Void announce new album 'Summoning the Slayer', premiere track
5/6/2022 Vomit Forth sign with Century Media, debut title track of new album
5/5/2022 Soulfly announce new album 'Totem', premiere first single
5/3/2022 Candy announce new album 'Heaven Is Here', premiere lead single
4/1/2022 Municipal Waste announce 'Electrified Brain' album, debut new track
3/1/2022 Haunter to release new album Discarnate Ails in May
2/16/2022 Sadistic Ritual sign with Prosthetic Records, share new single
1/19/2022 Undeath announce new album, premiere first single
12/31/2021 Eternal Sleep release two new songs
9/21/2021 Kreator recording new album
8/8/2021 Unto Others announce new album, share new single
6/24/2021 Unto Others sign with Roadrunner Records
1/22/2021 Soulfly recording new album
12/10/2020 Enforced announce new album
11/18/2020 Municipal Waste record new album
6/30/2020 Enforced sign with Century Media Records
3/10/2020 Power Trip recording new album
7/29/2019 Xibalba recording new album
7/22/2019 Creeping Death announce new album, premiere video
6/30/2019 Crypt Sermon album set for release
6/6/2019 Harley Flanagan recording new Cro-Mags album
2/15/2019 Venom Prison announce new album, debut first single
2/11/2019 Sacred Reich recording first new album in 23 years
10/17/2018 King Nine announce new album, premiere song
9/18/2018 Devil Master sign with Relapse Records, premiere new video
8/8/2018 Outer Heaven announce new album, premiere song
6/5/2018 Judiciary record new LP, sign with Closed Casket Activities
11/29/2017 Mammoth Grinder announce new album, premiere song
11/1/2017 Strife to issue live DVD and album
5/23/2017 Cavalera Conspiracy recording new album
5/24/2016 Mizery to release new album in July
12/15/2015 Inquisition recording new album
10/31/2015 Power Trip set to record new album
2/6/2015 Bridge Nine Records signs Modern Pain
5/19/2014 Cold World announces new album

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