Anthrax news


6/20/2020Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante is "tired of people not crediting" him for inventing the blast beat
1/25/2019video: Pantera 'Walk' performed by Dave Grohl, Corey Taylor, Rex Brown, Scott Ian, more
4/11/2017The Damned Things (Every Time I Die, Fall Out Boy, Anthrax) have shared a clip of some new music.
3/20/2017Anthrax is streaming a new track titled "Vice of the People."
8/27/2016Anthrax has debuted their music video for "Monster At The End."
3/7/2016The new Anthrax album has debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200.
1/20/2016Here is video featuring members of Lamb Of God, Deafheaven, Power Trip, etc. performing the S.O.D. song "United Forces."
1/4/2016Anthrax is streaming a new track called "Breathing Lightning."
10/23/2015"Evil Twin," the first new song from Anthrax's next album, has made its online debut.
3/13/2015The new Game Of Thrones mixtape (Killswitch Engage, Mastodon, more) is now available for free download.
1/7/2015Here are some iconic metal album covers (Pantera, Slayer, etc.) redesigned in smooth jazz fashion.
10/1/2014Scott Ian of Anthrax tells the story of Dave Mustaine's firing from Metallica.
1/18/2013Anthrax has unveiled their cover of the Rush song "Anthem."
1/2/2013High On Fire has been added to the 2013 Metal Alliance Tour.
9/8/2012Check out video from Metal Masters 4, where people like Phil Anselmo, Kerry King, and Scott Ian played a set including classics from Pantera and Slayer.


2/25/2021Shadows Fall, Anthrax members launch new band Living Wreckage
10/15/2020Rock Fest 2021 lineup announced
2/20/2020Slipknot announce 'Knotfest At Sea' lineup
1/24/20202020 Rock USA festival lineup announced
1/22/2020Rocklahoma 2020 lineup announced
1/20/2020Rock Fest 2020 lineup announced
12/10/2019Welcome To Rockville 2020 lineup announced
12/2/2019Sonic Temple Festival 2020 lineup announced
11/19/2019Epicenter 2020 to feature Metallica, Deftones, Power Trip, more
9/12/2019ex-Anthrax singer Dan Nelson arrested for assaulting elderly man
6/12/2019Jason Momoa attends Slayer show, meets 'idols' backstage
5/29/2019Riot Fest 2019 lineup announced
10/9/2018Megacruise to feature Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament
8/24/2018The Damned Things (ETID, Anthrax, etc.) to release new record
8/4/2018ForceFest 2018 lineup announced
5/11/2018Slayer announces farewell tour of Europe, UK
3/5/2018Impact Music Festival 2018 announced
3/5/2018Slayer announces second leg of North American tour
1/22/2018Slayer confirms tour with Lamb Of God, Behemoth, Anthrax
1/12/2018Slayer, Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, Testament tour
12/11/2017Anthrax to release new live DVD in April
10/17/2017Killswitch Engage, Anthrax, Havok tour announced
10/16/2017Killswitch Engage, Anthrax to tour U.S. again
6/3/2017Metal Maya to feature Hatebreed, Whitechapel, more
1/30/2017Las Rageous 2017 lineup announced
1/26/2017Code Orange, Jasta added to Killswitch Engage, Anthrax tour
1/17/2017Chicago Open Air 2017 lineup announced
1/13/2017Rock Fest 2017 announced
12/16/2016Phil Anselmo calls out Robb Flynn, Scott Ian
12/14/2016Killswitch Engage, Anthrax, The Devil Wears Prada tour
12/12/2016The Damned Things prepare new EP
6/7/2016Aftershock Festival 2016 lineup announced
6/6/2016Revolution Rock Festival 2016 lineup announced
5/9/2016Slayer, Anthrax, Death Angel to tour North America
5/9/2016Rock Allegiance 2016 lineup announced
3/22/2016Rock'n Derby 2016 lineup finalized
3/8/2016Record Store Day 2016 releases announced
2/5/2016Anthrax sued for $1 million over Hanukkah sweater
12/18/2015Rock'n Derby Festival lineup announced
12/8/2015Welcome To Rockville 2016 lineup
11/10/2015Lamb of God, Anthrax announce U.S. tour
11/2/2015Anthrax announces new album title, release date
6/23/2015Motorhead, Anthrax, Saxon announce U.S. tour
6/1/2015Slayer, Anthrax, Kvelertak tour (Europe)
5/27/2015Riot Fest Denver 2015 lineup takes shape
3/31/2015Anthrax issues update on new album
3/18/2015Motorhead's Motorboat 2015 announced
2/8/2015Tenacious D defeats Slipknot, Mastodon at Grammys
12/15/2014Anthrax recording new album
12/5/2014Mastodon, Slipknot, more nominated for Grammy
10/27/2014Volbeat, Anthrax announce North American tour
7/5/2014Knotfest 2014 lineup revealed
5/28/2014Anthrax announces 'Chile On Hell' live DVD
4/8/2014God Forbid, etc. members form Lead Pipe Cruelty
3/11/2014Motorhead's Motorboat w/ Megadeth, Anthrax, more
12/7/2013Grammy nominees include Killswitch Engage, Anthrax
9/16/2013Anthrax begins writing new album
8/14/2013Anthrax adds Shadows Fall guitarist to lineup
1/15/2013Anthrax details "Anthems" EP
1/11/2013Anthrax taps Shadows Fall guitarist for tours
1/9/2013New England Metal & Hardcore Fest 2013 lineup
1/4/2013Anthrax guitarist quits band
12/26/2012Anthrax, Exodus, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail tour
12/17/2012Metal Alliance Tour 2013 lineup announced
12/6/2012Megadeth, Lamb of God among Grammy Award nominees
8/8/2012Mayhem Festival Cruise cancelled
8/7/2012Soundwave Festival 2013 (Australia) lineup
7/17/2012Metal Masters 4 clinic announced
5/29/2012Testament, Anthrax, Death Angel tour
5/1/2012Mayhem Festival Cruise announced
1/25/2012Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2012 line-up
12/5/2011Anthrax, Testament, Death Angel tour dates
9/6/2011Anthrax, Testament, Death Angel tour
1/25/2011'Big Four' U.S. show announced
7/12/2010Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax tour
5/19/2010Damned Things (ETID, Anthrax) sign w/ Mercury
11/24/2009ETID, Fall Out Boy, Anthrax metal side-project
6/22/2009Slipknot, Anthrax, Black Dahlia Murder dates