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Buried Alive to release new EP 7/7/2020 7:03:07 AM
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Releases reviewed by Lambgoat
With Regret
Expire - With Regret
Pretty Low
Expire - Pretty Low
Lost In Life
Backtrack - Lost In Life
Letters Home
Defeater - Letters Home
Lock & Key
Cruel Hand - Lock & Key
Rohnert Park
Ceremony - Rohnert Park
I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone
Crime In Stereo - I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone
Hell Is Empty
Ruiner - Hell Is Empty
Chasing Hamburg
Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg
Defeater - Travels
Verse - Aggression
Still Nothing Moves You
Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You
Songs To Scream At The Sun
Have Heart - Songs To Scream At The Sun
Verse, Nasty - Aggression
Ambitions - Stranger
Different Directions
Champion - Different Directions
Count Me In
Death Before Dishonor - Count Me In
Amongst The Flock
Palehorse - Amongst The Flock
The Things We Carry
Have Heart - The Things We Carry
Outbreak - Failure
Strength In Solitude
Panic - Strength In Solitude
Blue Monday - Rewritten
Friends Family Forever
Death Before Dishonor - Friends Family Forever
You Make Us Sick
Outbreak - You Make Us Sick
Promises Kept
Champion - Promises Kept
Your Closest Enemies
The Distance - Your Closest Enemies
Burning Inside
On The Rise - Burning Inside
Some Kind Of Hate - Undisputed
Stand & Fight
Stand & Fight - Stand & Fight
Some Kind Of Hate
Some Kind Of Hate - Some Kind Of Hate
Lowest Of The Low
Terror - Lowest Of The Low
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