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Have Heart The Things We Carry

01. Life Is Hard Enough 02. Watch Me Sink 03. Armed With A Mind 04. About Face 05. The Unbreakable 06. Old Man II 07. Song Of Shame 08. To Us Fools 09. Something More Than Ink 10. The Machinist MP3 11. Watch Me Rise
2006 Bridge Nine Records
Our score 8

by Cory

I have to admit that until Have Heart's new album came in the mail, I had been actively avoiding them. I was fairly certain that I didn't need to listen to any hardcore band with a name so nauseatingly "posi." I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I was very, very wrong and that I've only been depriving myself. Have Heart's The Things We Carry has easily found a place in my year-to-date "Best Hardcore Albums" list, alongside veterans like Ignite and the Hope Conspiracy and a handful of other promising up-and-comers. It's often difficult to elaborate upon what makes one traditionally-style hardcore release stand out from the rest of the pack. 9 out of 10 times though, it has a good bit to do with vocals and Have Heart is definitely no exception. Patrick Flynn's presence (at least on CD) matches any recent hardcore vocalist that comes to mind and his lyrics have plenty of insight and intelligence to accompany the "heart." There's also a moderate amount of range displayed, although it's mostly between throat-tearing screams, a few spoken passages and a powerful shout. Any melody created is definitely in the music, which usually works better for the style anyway. Have Heart play a nice blend of Boston-style hardcore (produced well here by genre guru Jim Siegel) and Northwest-style old school revival with enough of their own flair to make both sound fresh again. They know when to go balls out, when to pull back and exactly where to put the gang vocals. Many of these songs work better because of their arrangements, something many young hardcore bands seem to have a weak grasp on. There's also a handful of unusual picking patterns, odd tempos and bass interludes that keep you guessing throughout and interested on recurring listens. There's even some nice themes in the bookends "Watch Me Sink" and "Watch Me Rise" and some admittedly borrowed Neil Young lyrics in the mix. Bottom Line: This is a damn fine hardcore record, easily one of the best released this year. While many might argue that hardcore hasn't changed much since the days of Chain of Strength and Bold, Have Heart are a good example of a young band that takes the sound further without losing sight of what "hardcore" means, both musically and personally.


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fart noise_ 9/8/2006 10:34:44 AM

never do that first thing

jerseyislame_ 9/8/2006 10:49:18 AM

i support this review

CuntSnot_ 9/8/2006 10:50:46 AM

why do almost all Hardcore vocalists suck? and wtf does posi mean? not a fan...

truthsayer_ 9/8/2006 10:57:10 AM

This is a great record - easily one of the best hardcore albums of 2006.

mydixiewrecked_ 9/8/2006 11:21:13 AM

top 8

wearyourwounds_ 9/8/2006 11:39:32 AM

i love this record.

Justin_ 9/8/2006 11:45:01 AM

Great review, even better CD.

john_doe_ 9/8/2006 11:46:51 AM

i concur. this is a solid hxc record. i hear chain of strength, bold, and even some old strife in there. the layout for the lp sleeve is excellent. well-made record by HH and B9.

cuttolength_ 9/8/2006 11:48:21 AM

I actually liked that song a lot

konstrix_ 9/8/2006 1:09:39 PM

great cd. good live show. good band

vcreationv_ 9/8/2006 1:27:28 PM

fabulous album...i love the bands name and their sound...this album brings tears to my posi core eyesballs with every listen...9/10 <3

seasnake_ 9/8/2006 2:21:49 PM

great cd. good live show. good band posted by konstrix () on 9/8/2006 1:09:39 PM

wolfpack_ 9/8/2006 3:57:55 PM

Sounds lIke Strife/trail worship..but is very good..Boston Influence?

wolfpack_ 9/8/2006 3:58:40 PM

f*ck trial*

anonymous 9/8/2006 4:33:00 PM

i love this album. good review

zero_x_potential_ 9/8/2006 5:35:58 PM

Great stuff.

falling_down_ 9/8/2006 7:46:04 PM

Trial is better than you'll ever be Wolfpack. And yeah, solid album from a great band.

Yeahyouwould_ 9/8/2006 9:46:18 PM

this cd is amazing

wolfpack_ 9/9/2006 2:27:30 AM

haha I said f*ck because I misspelled Trial jackass!

say10_ 9/9/2006 2:59:23 PM

this stuff is ridiculously derivative, but i guess no one cares when it comes to bands like this. that being said, i liked the mp3.

girls who run_ 9/10/2006 2:24:12 PM

this can't be one of the best releases of the year. c'mon cory.

Strongarm_ 9/11/2006 12:35:16 AM

Trial is amazing

CuntSnotsA pussy_ 9/13/2006 9:16:58 AM

what the f*ck is a c*nt snot? listen. if your going to say unobscure things about this record.... then just keep that shit to yourself. go listen to your mother being f*cked by a bull. anyway. great album guys.B9 keep up the great work.

heart_means_everything_ 9/14/2006 1:28:48 PM

easily one of the top 5 hardcore efforts of the year...good review

anonymous 9/15/2006 2:40:56 PM

its a good hardcore album but at my first listen i thought it was a bit annoying. but after some listens i agree with the comments, it is a good album

whoshotthefrog_ 11/17/2006 8:17:33 AM

I totally agree with this review. It's a great album and definitely one of my favorite hardcore releases this year.

Robson Souza_ 12/5/2006 3:45:55 AM

Album of the Year..Period!

great cd_ 4/21/2007 2:32:03 AM

great cd

xlipsx_ 4/28/2008 11:46:26 AM

rep posi lyfe til sonnn deathh xxx