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Terror Lowest Of The Low

1. Better Off Without You 2. Don't Need Your Help 3. Nothing To Me 4. Keep Your Distance 5. Another Face 6. Push It Away 7. Life And Death 8. What Have We Done 9. Lowest Of The Low
2003 Bridge Nine Records
Our score 9

by Cory

If you haven't heard of Terror yet, you've probably been living in a cave. Building considerable momentum since the release of their demo last spring, Terror has used their unstable but impressive line-up (at various points including members of Buried Alive, Carry On, One Nation Under, First Blood, etc.) and their powerful live show to quickly establish an avid following. Those unacquainted with the band's sound shouldn't have a hard time getting into their debut EP, "Lowerst Of The Low." Terror offers up a combination of classic Victory Records-era hardcore with the furious zeal of Bold or Judge. The result is a pounding hardcore sound unparalleled in recent years. Kicking off with the high speed "Better Off With You," each song on the disc utilizes Terror's superb sense of organization to alternate between old-school beats and modern breakdowns, all while still sounding remarkably fresh. The sense of pacing combined with Billy Korecky's superb production makes the old formula sound revolutionary. Songs like "Keep Your Distance" and "What Have We Done" (along with pretty much the whole CD) are the kind of mosh pit anthems inspired enough to get even the oldest of the old guys finger pointing and spinkicking. All told, Terror flies through nine tracks in under seventeen minutes leaving any listener ready for more, but that's why you can always listen to it again. Lyrically, Terror keeps things very simple, lacking a bit of the depth some of their more eloquent contemporaries offer, but what they lack in content, they more than make up for in delivery. My only real complaint about this CD or Terror in general is the excessive use of the words "fuck" and "shit" in their lyrics. Scott Vogel must set some kind of hardcore record, using the two words combined close to fifty times in sixteen minutes. If the writer were a kid who had just learned to curse, I might be able to excuse this, but Scott is definitely old enough to have a more developed vocabulary. Apart from this, the disc is practically flawless, from the music and production to the artwork. Terror really offers up the total package. Bottom Line: From beginning to end, Lowest Of The Low is hardcore the way it was always meant to be: straight-forward enough for any purist and almost surprisingly inclusive. Terror has no pretentions and makes no apologies. Infectious, intense and unrelenting, "Lowest Of The Low" is a hands-down incredible release and an early contender for record of the year.


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xjavix_ 4/25/2005 1:23:24 PM

Best f*cken EP ever!!! True LA Hardcore

lol_ 2/7/2006 12:11:56 PM

lol @ the post beneath this one

sic blud_ 8/25/2006 2:45:00 PM

this cd is hard as metal can get. i still don't likr it as much as there first cd 'always the hard way'