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Stand & Fight Stand & Fight

01. Nothing New 02. End of the Line (MP3) 03. Pressure Builds 04. My Right 05. Break the Mold 06. Stand & Fight 07. I Won't Break 08. Dead in the Eyes 09. Look Around 10. Excuses 11. Pushing Your Luck 12. My Mistake
2003 Bridge Nine Records
Our score 7


A lot of people want to write-off new bands that have ex-members of big bands that have broken up. In a lot of cases, this is warranted. But when a band features alumni of such phenomenal bands as Ten Yard Fight, Carry On, No Reply, and Knife Fight, it's fairly obvious that you've got an outfit that's going to produce some quality hardcore. This outfit is Orange County's Stand & Fight (once known as Impact), and their Bridge 9 debut, which in addition to new material also includes tracks from their demo, is undoubtedly on par with the members' former outfits. When you have three members of four incredible hardcore bands doing a band, of course you're going to get great hardcore. Picking up where Ten Yard Fight and Carry On left off, Stand & Fight play classic style straight edge youth crew hardcore. Galloping drumbeats, crunchy guitar tones, lots of gang vocal parts, it's a beautiful thing. Stand & Fight keep their songs on the fast side of things, and throw in good old fashion stompy breakdowns at all the right times. Call me simple, but it fucking works for me. Some might say it could be improved upon, but why fix what isn't broken Former Ten Yard Fight frontman Wrench has taken the helm vocally in Stand & Fight, and anyone who remembers Ten Yard Fight knows exactly what to expect from him as a frontman: solid straight edge hardcore vocals. Wrench has a great yell, and his stage presence is impeccable. Lyrically, Stand & Fight deal with straight edge, as well as personal issues that non-edge types can identify with as well. Wrench's lyrics are extremely heartfelt, and he makes that obvious on "Break The Mold" when he screams, "stand by what you say, or shut fuck the up." This CD even includes the neo-classic straight edge anthem on it, entitled "I Won't Break." This is the type of song that gets covered. I don't hear many of those being written these days. Bottom Line: Stand & Fight is a great straight edge hardcore band. Picking up where their old members' bands left off, this CD offers up twelve stagedive-inspiring tracks that will warm the heart of even the oldest, most bitter scenester. A solid debut from a band of seasoned hardcore veterans that prove that sometimes the best hardcore comes from a bunch of guys that have done it all before.

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zero_x_potential_ 8/1/2006 5:51:47 PM

great band and cd