Will Haven news


6/4/2018Will Haven has issued a new video.
3/21/2018The new Will Haven album can now be streamed in its entirety.
2/28/2018Will Haven is streaming a second track from their new album.
2/15/2017The new Horseneck album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
3/9/2015Will Haven has debuted the first new song from their forthcoming EP.
2/17/2012Will Haven has posted their new video for "When The Walls Close In."


2/8/2018Will Haven debuts new song featuring Deftones guitarist
1/26/2018Will Haven, Fake Figures mini-tour
11/9/2016Will Haven set to record new album
5/1/2015Weirdo Fest III lineup announced
2/16/2015Will Haven announces EP, record label
12/16/2014Will Haven finishes recording EP
4/26/2014Will Haven recording new EP
3/8/2013Artery Recordings signs Horseneck
5/20/2012Will Haven working on new album
5/17/2011Will Haven to release new album in October
4/2/2010Will Haven recruits Slipknot member
1/21/2010Will Haven prepares new album
10/12/2009Will Haven rejoined by original singer
2/19/2009Will Haven tour (Europe)
5/21/2008Will Haven tour (Europe)
4/5/2008Will Haven update
8/13/2007Will Haven tour (UK)
2/20/2007Will Haven vocalist/founding member departs
1/31/2007Will Haven tour dates (UK)
8/28/2006Will Haven signs w/ Bieler Bros.
6/6/2006Will Haven update
12/2/2005Crowbar, Will Haven, TTEOTD dates (UK)
10/11/2005Will Haven back together
6/6/2003Ghostride (new Will Haven project) info
1/15/2003Will Haven officially disbanding
9/17/2002Will Haven, North Side Kings, Soulfly tour
5/22/2002Will Haven and Keepsake tour cancelled
4/21/2002Will Haven finalizes U.S. tour dates
4/11/2002Will Haven books U.S. tour for May and June
1/18/2002Will Haven to hit the West Coast with Oddman
11/13/2001Will Haven video near completion
8/1/2001Will Haven completes new album
7/19/2001Walls Of Jericho news and notes
6/17/2001Will Haven album & drummer news
5/17/2001Will Haven to tour West in July
4/25/2001Will Haven sets title for new album
3/9/2001Soulfly & Will Haven set to tour
2/16/2001Will Haven drummer rejoins band
1/26/2001Will Haven to enter studio soon
1/7/2001Will Haven using temp drummer
12/29/2000Will Haven loses new drummer
11/28/2000Will Haven drummer departs band
11/1/2000Will Haven news and notes
9/25/2000Will Haven news and notes
8/21/2000Will Haven album update