Evergreen Terrace news


3/31/2020Evergreen Terrace drum cam
12/10/2019this album was released 6 years ago today and we're STILL waiting for its follow-up
3/7/2014Evergreen Terrace's new video for "Dead Horses" has made its online debut.
1/22/2014album review: Evergreen Terrace - Dead Horses
12/6/2013The new Evergreen Terrace album can now be streamed in its entirety.
11/18/2013A new Evergreen Terrace song has made its online debut.
11/24/2010Evergreen Terrace has issued a new video for the song "Mario Speedwagon."
8/9/2010Evergreen Terrace recently issued a new video for the song "Enemy Sex."
1/26/2010Evergreen Terrace has uploaded their cover of Foo Fighters' "Everlong."
9/25/2009Evergreen Terrace's new record can temporarily be streamed here.
9/8/2009Evergreen Terrace has posted another new song.
7/6/2009Evergreen Terrace has unveiled a track from their forthcoming release, "Almost Home."
10/24/2008Evergreen Terrace will enter the studio in early-2009 to begin recording a new album.
9/23/2008Evergreen Terrace has uploaded a video briefly documenting their recent trip to Japan.
8/1/2007The Red Chord's "Prey For Eyes" sold 3,800 copies in its debut week. Meanwhile, Evergreen Terrace moved 2,800 of "Wolfbiker."
7/19/2007Evergreen Terrace has posted another song from their new album.
6/4/2007A new Evergreen Terrace song is now online.
11/7/2005Evergreen Terrace's video for "New Friend Request" is now available online.
5/24/2005An ecard for Evergreen Terrace's upcoming album has been posted.


6/14/2020Evergreen Terrace to tackle serious issues with new music
3/4/2020Evergreen Terrace set to record new music
12/3/2019Furnace Fest 2020 adds three more bands to lineup
10/5/2018Aura Fest 2019 announced
3/26/2018Evergreen Terrace working on new record
1/22/2018Texas Independence Fest 2018 announced
10/10/2017AURA Fest 2018 lineup announced
4/22/2017Evergreen Terrace rejoined by both ex-vocalist and drummer
6/1/2015Evergreen Terrace vocalist quits band
3/18/2015Evergreen Terrace, My Ticket Home tour cancelled
2/16/2015Evergreen Terrace, Lionfight tour dates
2/12/2015Evergreen Terrace, My Ticket Home, Cane Hill tour
2/11/2015Evergreen Terrace drummer severely injured in fall
6/11/2014Evergreen Terrace announce European tour
1/28/2014Swiss man dies after stage dive at Terror show
1/24/2014Monster Energy's Welcome To Rockville lineup
10/22/2013Evergreen Terrace LP set for release; song debuted
8/28/2013Evergreen Terrace completes new album
4/1/2013Evergreen Terrace to record new album in June
3/8/2013Evergreen Terrace signs with Rise Records
10/24/2012Evergreen Terrace and Metal Blade part ways
10/1/2012Evergreen Terrace reveals new lineup
8/23/2012Evergreen Terrace: We are still a band
8/22/2012Evergreen Terrace guitarist, co-founder quits band
2/22/2012Evergreen Terrace, Stick to Your Guns tour (Europe)
1/18/2012Evergreen Terrace founder joins Stick To Your Guns
11/28/2011Evergreen Terrace mini-tour
5/28/2011Bury Your Dead, Evergreen Terrace, etc. tour
5/3/2011Unearth, Evergreen Terrace, Bane tour (Europe)
1/6/2011Asking Alexandria, Emmure, Miss May I tour
8/15/2010Evergreen Terrace addresses "assault" charges
6/9/2010Evergreen Terrace drummer leaves band
4/22/2010Evergreen Terrace guitarist starts new band
2/24/2010Evergreen Terrace, Casey Jones tour (Australia)
1/25/2010Evergreen Terrace, Death Before Dishonor tour
9/14/2009Evergreen Terrace, For The Fallen Dreams tour
8/24/2009Evergreen Terrace shooting new video
8/23/2009Evergeen Terrace drummer recovering at home
7/24/2009Evergreen Terrace drummer rehospitalized
7/2/2009Evergreen Terrace drummer hurt in bike wreck
6/29/2009Evergreen Terrace, Casey Jones dates (Europe)
4/27/2009Evergreen Terrace set to record new album
3/9/2009Evergreen Terrace news and notes
10/22/2008Evergreen Terrace, Four Letter Lie, etc. dates
9/9/2008Evergreen Terrace tour dates (Japan)
5/23/2008Evergreen Terrace details van mishap
2/9/2008Evergreen Terrace, Casey Jones tour dates
8/9/2007Evergreen Terrace, Strung Out, I Am Ghost tour
6/26/2007Evergreen Terrace, Warriors, etc. tour
4/29/2007Evergreen Terrace completes new album
2/1/2007Metal Blade/High Impact signs Evergreen Terrace
10/8/2006Significant Fest (FL) details and lineup
12/21/2005Evergreen Terrace, etc. tour (Australia)
9/29/2005Evergreen Terrace, The Chariot, etc. tour
7/20/2005Evergreen Terrace tour schedule
6/14/2005Most Precious Blood, Evergreen Terrace dates
6/9/2005AILD, Evergreen Terrace, etc. tour (Europe)
4/23/2005Bane, Evergreen Terrace, Cursed, Verse tour
3/31/2005Evergreen Terrace and drummer part ways
3/6/2005Evergreen Terrace complete new album
7/9/2004The Red Chord, Evergreen Terrace, ALOL, etc. tour
4/27/2004Every Time I Die and Evergreen Terrace tour
3/28/2004Eulogy owner co-founds Hand Of Hope Records
3/2/2004Embrace Today, Evergreen Terrace, OBW tour
9/29/2003Evergreen Terrace cover album info
9/9/2003Evergreen Terrace, Glasseater, etc. tour
8/18/2003Indianola signs Evergreen Terrace side-project
7/24/2003Evergreen Terrace and Calico System dates
5/19/2003Evergreen Terrace, Scarlet, etc. tour
2/4/2003Evergreen Terrace members form side-project
8/16/2002Evergreen Terrace enters studio
5/13/2002Evergreen Terrace news and notes
3/27/2002Evergreen Terrace mapping out U.S. tour
1/24/2002Evergreen Terrace signs w/ Eulogy Recordings