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Attila frontman exits tour for birth of child

Attila vocalist Chris Fronzak will miss the final week of his band's current tour with Falling In Reverse et al. so that he can return home for the birth of his second child. Jayden Panesso of New York band Sylar will fill in. Fronzak has issued this statement:
"I have an important announcement to make, and I'm sure you guys will be very understanding. I will be dropping off the last few dates of the ?#?SuperVillainsTour? so that I can be home for the birth of my new baby boy. Moments like these only happen once in a lifetime and I would hate to miss this. "The good news is- My boy Jay from Sylar is going to be filling in for me so that Attila can complete the remainder of the tour! Jay is a badass like myself and is very experienced with this type of stuff, so I guarantee these shows are going to be equally as awesome! I am very thankful to have the best fans on earth and I know you guys will be very supportive of me during these circumstances. One thing I ask of you all is that if you are going to any of these upcoming shows- sing my lyrics as loud as you possibly can! Hell, jump on stage and grab the fucking microphone if you want, I don't even care. The boys are still going to kick ass and it's still going to be amazing! "Everything will continue as planned and this will have no effect on any of our upcoming tours! The boys will still be at the merch table every single night meeting all of you so come hang out and get all of your stuff signed. "Once again, thank you all for being understanding during these circumstances. I'm super excited to be a double-dad and I had an insane amount of fun on the Super Villains Tour. I apologize that I won't be able to meet all of my homies (fans) during these last few shows but it won't change the fact that Attila is going to Slay."

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