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I The Breather vocalist hospitalized for mental health issues

Shawn Spann, vocalist of resurrected metalcore outfit I, The Breather, checked himself into a hospital yesterday "due to suicidal thoughts." Spann is seeking some financial assistance for himself and his family as he faces an uncertain journey. Three successive statements from Spann — his original statement in addition to two updates (the most recent coming this afternoon) — can be read below.
Ugh this is so difficult to write. I am currently heading to the Hospital due to suicidal thoughts. I can't keep putting my family in situations where one moment I am fine and the next I completely lose control of myself. It's been getting to the point where it's happening daily and getting more intense with every episode and I can't keep living like this. If I dont go, I fear that one day something can push me over the edge and that'll be it. One thing I will ask of y'all is if you can toss a couple bucks our way to help cover bills while I'm away. Having one income is only going to make a very stressful situation even harder on my wife and it kills me to know she has to go thru this with me but if we can take that stress from her shoulders I'd be so thankful. PayPal: Venmo: @ShawnSpann Fucking Love you guys. I'll keep you posted as soon as I have any updates...
So far the vampires have taken some of my blood and gave me a Covid test that I could taste my blood dropping down my throat from... The Hospital is going to be sending me to another Hospital where they have very smart people for the next 3-4 days or however long my brain will take to be figured out. I get to ride in an ambulance, so that's cool I guess. I will be staying in my current location until a room opens up for me. So in the mean time I'm gonna order my $300 dollar lunch and hopefully close my eyes for a little. Your guys support has brought me to literal tears today... I know my wife and family appreciate everything you guys have done for us so far too. This has been the toughest decision of my life but change must come. Here's to not being Sad Dad anymore.
Wow. You guys are incredible and I'm so thankful for you all. I am allowed 10 min of cell phone use each day but Catherine Ellen Spann can read me your stuff while I'm in here as I have a room phone. Your support has been so humbling and I will be replying to everyone asap. Have been loving the positive messages, they help more than you know. I see a team today who is basically gonna be studying me to figure out my mentals. I will be away for a bit sadly but it's for the better. Love you all.

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