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I The Breather frontman vs. It Lives It Breathes frontman

In what may be one of the more pointless disputes to cross our proverbial desk, It Lives, It Breathes vocalist Kevin Lacerda and I, The Breather frontman Shawn Spann appear to be mired in an argument over #thebreathernation hashtag, among other things. Apparently, both bands have been using the hashtag for several years and it's turned into a point of contention amongst the two camps. Yesterday, Spann posted this on Facebook:
"There is and will only be one #BreatherNation. I feel that a band out there needs to know that just because we are ending as a band, our movement and family will long live."
The move prompted a swift reply from Lacerda via video:


Posted by Kevin Lacerda on Sunday, February 28, 2016
A slew of Facebook activity ensued, which you can attempt to follow here and/or here if you're feeling adventurous. Among the highlights are this from Spann:
I was not going to even call you guys out as a band out of respect, but clearly you lack that. Let me set this straight because honestly I'm doing this last tour for our fans and only OUR fans. 1. The reason I said something, after two years of hearing the trash talk is because your beyond ignorant. 2. My band never started any drama in our 7 years of a band to gain attention. 3. We are breaking up so that I can be in my sons life. 4. A bit of advice, you won't last with an ego like that. 5. I could care less about a hashtag. 6. When we started in 2009, hashtags/Instagram/Twitter didn't exist. Myspace did. 7. When you spend years touring and gain a lasting fan base, you will understand. 8. Give me an opinion on relevance a few years from now Like I said, I never wanted to say a word about this but I'm so beyond tired of hearing your bands name with people telling me about the trash talk. Just drop it, please. P.S - Good luck in the future, I genuinely mean that.
And Lacerda's initial reply:
I've been grinding for 10 years and I'm still here Shawn, I don't need any words of wisdom from you. We've never had anything bad to say about you till you just dropped this bullshit yourself. You spoke up when no one spoke out about you to begin with, about a stupid issue like the name of a FANBASE because you must be THAT bored. You're not a Gandalf of wisdom in the music industry in fact you have more bad said about you than good. Your band and your hustle was never anything stellar. You're spending your time in these comments shit talking what I wear on stage when you could be spending more time with your SON.

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