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I The Breather singer battling ischemic colitis

I, The Breather frontman Shawn Spann, recently hospitalized with internal bleeding, has revealed that he's been diagnosed with ischemic colitis, a medical condition resulting from inadequate blood supply to the large intestine. Spann has issued the following update:
"I have been diagnosed with Ischemic Colitis and possibly the beginning stages of Crohn's Disease... Ischemic colitis occurs when blood flow to part of the large intestine is reduced due to narrowed or blocked blood vessels. The diminished blood flow provides insufficient oxygen for the cells in your digestive system. With that being said, my condition wasn't caused by life choices, it is sadly something that just happens to some. From what I was told by my Doctor, if I eat properly and take care of my body to the likings of both conditions that this could never flare up again. I am literally fighting with everything in me to be back on Warper Tour by the 18th, which is Wednesday. I will be back soon, stronger than ever. Also - I want to give my most sincerest thank yous to Marcus Barber for filling my shoes during this time. Im proud of you, man, I heard you're killing it. Anyway, here's to the future... Let's do this #BREATHERNATION"

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