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ex-Poison The Well bassist heading to federal prison

Alan Landsman, formerly a member of Poison The Well, Until The End, and Target Nevada, will apparently be heading to federal prison this week for his role in a nationwide, fraudulent telemarketing scheme. Landsman, age 38, and most recently of York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, was sentenced to between 30 months and 72 months in prison for conspiring to commit mail fraud. Landsman was a co-conspirator in a $50 million scheme "designed to ship unwanted and vastly over-priced light bulbs and cleaning supplies to thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations." The plot was implemented via several shell entities, including Standard Industries LLC, of which Landsman officially served as Vice President (its President is presumed to have committed suicide in late 2016). You can read more on the matter here. Landsman's prison sentence will reportedly commence this Wednesday, December 5th at Edgefield Satellite Prison Camp, a minimum-security facility adjacent to the Federal Correctional Institution, Edgefield in South Carolina. He is expected to be released in early 2020. Originally from South Florida, Landsman spent more than a year in Poison The Well and played bass on their seminal 1999 album, The Opposite of December, before being kicked out of the band. Landsman was also an early vocalist of Floridian hardcore act Until The End, performing vocals on their self-titled debut (2000). Landsman subsequently spent a few years working for Eulogy Recordings and fronting Target Nevada before seemingly disappearing from the scene for good.

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