Poison The Well news


1/19/2020video: Poison The Well 'The Opposite Of December' 20th anniversary show
12/14/201920 years ago today this album was released and ushered in a new era of metalcore
8/21/2019never forget
7/29/2019for your convenience we've added timestamp links to interesting parts of our Poison The Well interview (like when we discuss how Atreyu invented metalcore)
7/7/201910 years ago today a certain influential band released this, their final album
3/24/2018The second song on this record should have gotten more attention.
12/28/2017This quality record got a lot of people into metalcore 18 years ago.
10/20/2012Liferuiner has unveiled a Poison The Well cover.
8/4/2009Poison The Well's video for "Exist Underground" is now available online.
6/30/2009Poison The Well's new album can currently be streamed here.
6/8/2009Poison The Well has unveiled a track from their upcoming album, "The Tropic Rot."
4/24/2009Poison The Well has debuted a track from III/III, the final installment of their 7-inch series.
1/20/2009Poison The Well's new song, "Bowie," can now be heard online.
1/11/2009Clips from Poison The Well's new 7" can be heard here.
1/6/2009The second installment (II/III) of Poison The Well's 7-inch series will be available on January 20th via Ferret Music.
11/30/2008Poison The Well has issued a studio update as they record a new album with
10/28/2008Poison The Well has unveiled a song from their new 7" release.
5/16/2007Poison The Well has posted their new video for "Letter Thing."
4/11/2007Poison The Well's "Versions" has debuted at #147 on the Billboard 200 with 7,823 copies sold.
3/30/2007Poison The Well's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
3/12/2007More new Poison The Well songs are available here and here
2/22/2007Poison The Well has now been confirmed for this summer's Warped Tour.
2/20/2007Poison The Well has posted a song from their upcoming album, "Versions."
10/10/2006Poison The Well has posted the unreleased (and better) version of "Sticks and Stones..."
7/14/2006Poison The Well are rumored to be signing with Ferret Music.
6/13/2006Poison The Well have posted their cover of "Soma" from the Smashing Pumpkins album, "The Killer In You."


6/22/2020Psycho Las Vegas 2021 lineup announced
3/12/2020Greg Puciato album features Poison The Well drummer
2/11/2020Poison The Well, As Friends Rust, more join Furnace Fest
1/30/2020Psycho Las Vegas adds Danizg, Mercyful Fate, Emperor, more
12/15/2019At The Gates, Poison The Well, more added to Psycho Las Vegas
11/19/2019Poison The Well announce anniversary show for debut LP
7/24/2019Poison The Well drummer would 'love to' release new music
12/2/2018ex-Poison The Well bassist heading to federal prison
7/20/2016Poison The Well mini-tour
3/23/2016Amnesia Rockfest 2016 lineup announced
3/22/2016Poison The Well announces U.S. shows
7/17/2015Gaslight Anthem guitarist launches metal band
1/26/2015Skate & Surf Fest 2015 adds Poison The Well, more
6/2/2014Poison The Well drummer joins Senses Fail
11/6/2013Trap Them enter studio w/ ex-The Red Chord drummer
10/1/2012Poison The Well reissues set for release
5/4/2012Poison The Well re-releases officially announced
4/22/2012Poison The Well teases news
8/17/2011ex-Curl Up And Die members form new band
7/14/2010Poison The Well goes on hiatus
9/16/2009Poison The Well van, trailer stolen in Detroit
8/21/2009Poison The Well tour dates (Australia)
8/10/2009Poison The Well tour dates
6/17/2009Poison The Well seeks extras for video shoot
5/28/2009Silverstein, Poison The Well mini-tour
5/18/200910 for $10 hardcore summer tour
5/11/2009Rise Against, Thursday, Poison The Well tour (UK)
4/18/2009Poison The Well limited CD in stores today
3/24/2009Poison The Well album set for June release
3/12/2009Poison The Well tour dates (Europe)
10/17/200836 Crazyfists, Poison The Well tour (Europe)
10/2/2008Poison The Well announces new releases
9/24/2008Poison The Well set to record new album
9/13/2008Poison The Well continues work on new record
5/29/2008Poison The Well tour dates (South America)
4/23/2008Poison The Well to begin work on new album
4/15/2008Poison The Well tour dates
12/12/2007Poison The Well, The Locust, etc. tour
12/11/2007Poison The Well tour (UK)
12/3/2007DEP, Poison The Well tour (Europe)
11/22/2007Poison The Well update
9/19/2007Poison The Well preparing DVD release
8/31/2007Underoath, Poison The Well, ETID tour
6/19/2007Poison The Well, Gallows, etc. tour (UK)
5/23/2007Poison The Well "Versions" vinyl announced
4/25/2007Poison The Well, Saosin tour dates
3/6/2007Since By Man calls it quits
2/28/2007Poison The Well to shoot new video
2/18/2007Poison The Well, Heavy Heavy Low Low tour
2/9/2007Poison The Well announces headlining tour
2/2/2007Poison The Well to issue digital-only single
1/25/2007Poison The Well tour (UK)
1/22/2007Poison The Well, The End, This Is Hell dates
1/18/2007Poison The Well comments on new album
12/10/2006Poison The Well finishes recording album
11/16/2006Poison The Well signs w/ Ferret Music
11/11/2006Poison The Well resumes recording
6/13/2006Poison The Well splits with Atlantic Recs
4/11/2006Shadows Fall to headline Strhess Tour 2006
3/5/2006Underoath, Poison The Well, etc. tour
2/16/2006Poison The Well, Horse The Band, etc. tour
1/14/2006Poison The Well, Horse The Band, etc. tour
12/7/2005Poison The Well update
10/6/2005Poison The Well update
5/25/2005Poison The Well, Lords, 12 Tribes tour
5/19/2005Poison The Well recording new album
2/6/2005Poison The Well update
10/6/2004Poison The Well gets new guitarist
9/13/2004Derek Miller quits Poison The Well
9/10/2004DEP, Poison The Well tour (Europe)
1/21/2004Poison The Well, The Bled, etc. dates
12/24/2003Thrice, Poison The Well, Darkest Hour tour
10/28/2003Poison The Well, Every Time I Die tour
6/30/2003DEP, etc. tapped for Plea For Peace tour
3/25/2003Poison The Well update
3/4/2003Poison The Well new album update
2/26/2003Poison The Well and Stairland European tour
2/17/2003Killswitch Engage & Poison The Well UK dates
1/29/2003Poison The Well begins tracking new album
8/16/2002Poison The Well to record album in January
7/1/2002Kittie, PTW, Shadows Fall, and KsE dates
6/20/2002Poison The Well DVD in the works
5/23/2002Shadows Fall, Kittie, Poison The Well tour
5/21/2002Poison The Well picks up old CUAD bassist
5/2/2002Poison The Well & Strung Out tour schedule
5/2/2002Poison The Well comments on Atlantic deal
4/29/2002Poison The Well getting new record deal
4/17/2002Glassjaw and Poison The Well tour schedule
3/27/2002Hopesfall drops off PTW tour to record
2/27/2002Poison The Well headlining tour schedule
2/25/2002Poison The Well parts ways w/ bassist
2/14/2002PTW to tour w/ American Nightmare, others
1/23/2002Trustkill confirms cancellation of PTW tour
1/23/2002Poison The Well and Throwdown split update
1/15/2002Dates for Hatebreed, Poison The Well, Bane tour
1/5/2002Poison The Well and Suicide Machines tour dates
12/19/2001Hatebreed and Poison The Well tour dates
10/22/2001Poison The Well US tour dates
10/11/2001Poison The Well news and notes
10/3/2001Poison The Well tour announced
9/14/2001PTW singer sick w/ pneumonia
9/9/2001Poison The Well news and notes
8/27/2001Poison The Well theft. Please help.
7/31/2001PTW, Martyr, etc. tour taking shape
7/17/2001PTW, Martyr, God Forbid, Unearth tour
6/23/2001Poison The Well to hit studio in November
5/18/2001Poison The Well summer tour
4/26/2001Poison The Well news & notes
3/15/2001Poison The Well news & notes
2/23/2001PTW to miss NE Metal Festival
2/21/2001Poison The Well & Candiria tour
2/18/2001Throwdown now on PTW split
2/11/2001PTW & ANKOAS split back on
2/6/2001Poison The WEll & ANKOAS split on the rocks
2/5/2001Poison The Well debut re-release update
2/1/2001Poison The Well news & notes
1/19/2001Walls Of Jericho, etc. CDEP's
1/12/2001Poison The Well border snare
12/13/2000Festival w/ Glassjaw, Poison The Well, etc.
11/13/2000Poison The Well album & tours
11/12/2000Poison The Well & their splits
11/6/2000Message from Poison The Well regarding bassist
10/30/2000Info on Poison The Well release
10/19/2000Poison The Well live interview
10/14/2000Poison The Well's new bassist
10/11/2000Info on Alan & Poison The Well
9/16/2000Poison The Well to play festival
8/30/2000Poison The Well update
7/31/2000Poison The Well tour dates