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Message from Poison The Well regarding bassist

Here's a statement sent directly to from Derek of Poison The Well concerning previous reports regarding the departure of their bassist Alan Landsman: "By now most of you have heard that Alan Landsman is no longer in Poison The Well. What most of you don't know is why. Unfortunately, Alan did not leave the band on his own terms, he was kicked out. He did not quit after our show on Friday, December 6th at Club Q because we played new songs he did not know. He was already out of the band, it was his last show. As much as I would love to give out the details of why we kicked him out I cannot. They reach deep into our's and his personal life and while we are not on good terms with Alan, we do not want to make public his mistakes at this time. Just know that everybody in the band agrees that it is the best possible thing we could have done. We have all become much closer and more focused since his absence and we look forward to writing, releasing, and touring on our next full length with our new bassist Mike Gordillo. Don't believe anything you hear from the rumor mill, EVER. People love to talk, if you want to clear something you heard up please confront us at a show, through e-mail, or anyway you like. Thanks, Derek/PTW."

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