Eulogy Recordings news


8/7/2009Eulogy Recordings has made a free digital sampler available here.


12/10/2018Stay Sick Recordings acquires Eulogy Recordings
12/2/2018ex-Poison The Well bassist heading to federal prison
2/4/2017Eulogy Recordings signs Silence Equals Death
7/13/2016Smash Your Enemies premiere new song, sign with Eulogy
5/17/2016Turncoat set to release new EP
2/18/2016Eulogy Recordings signs Full Scale Riot
8/1/2015Eulogy Recordings signs Brick By Brick
5/15/2015Eulogy Recordings signs Matriarchs
9/21/2014Eulogy Recordings signs Machinist!
9/3/2014Eulogy Recordings signs two bands
7/3/2014Eulogy Recordings signs Common War
5/12/2014Eulogy Recordings signs two new bands
11/13/2013Eulogy Recordings signs Nebraska Bricks
9/5/2013Eulogy Recordings signs Very Americans
5/23/2013Eulogy Recordings signs No Second Chance
4/11/2013Eulogy Recordings signs two bands
2/12/2013Eulogy Recordings signs Providence
11/26/2012The Last Stand to release new album in January
9/17/2012Eulogy Recordings signs The Last Stand
6/12/2012Culture to issue collection of unreleased songs
5/30/2012Eulogy Recordings signs Set Free
2/1/2012Eulogy Recordings to release Kid Gorgeous EP
1/26/2012Eulogy Recordings signs Revenge
12/28/2011Catalepsy prepares new album, seeks label
10/18/2011Eulogy Recs signs On Bodies (ex-Terror, etc.)
12/6/2010Eulogy Recordings signs Homicidal
11/29/2010Eulogy Recordings signs Through the Fire
11/15/2010Eulogy Recordings signs Life As A Ghost
11/12/2010Eulogy Recordings signs Nightlights
11/8/2010Eulogy Recordings signs Loyal To The Grave
9/21/2010Eulogy Recordings signs Catalepsy
9/20/2010Kingdom leaves label, recording EP
5/28/2010Eulogy Recordings signs Stand United
5/25/2010Eulogy Recordings signs We Still Dream
4/16/2010Eulogy Recordings signs The War
4/15/2010Big Hit Management launched
3/22/2010Eulogy Recordings signs Hate Your Guts
3/10/2010Eulogy Recordings signs The Tired And True
2/25/2010Eulogy Recordings signs Ender
1/19/2010Eulogy Recordings signs The Smashup
11/24/2009Donnybrook, Rhinoceros, Knock 'Em Dead tour
10/15/2009Eulogy Recordings announces 2010 label tour
7/7/2009Eulogy Recordings signs Rhinoceros
6/30/2009Eulogy Recordings signs Switchblade Killers
6/5/2009Eulogy Recordings signs Creatures
5/8/2009Eulogy Recordings signs xTyrantx
4/27/2009Eulogy Recordings signs Rosaline
2/18/2009Eulogy Recordings signs Knock 'Em Dead
1/29/2009This Is Hardcore Fest DVD set for release
9/13/2008Eulogy Recordings signs Living Hell
8/23/2008Skam Dust joins Eulogy Recordings roster
8/19/2008Set Your Goals leaves Eulogy Recordings
7/28/2008Eulogy Recordings signs Paddock Park
6/26/2008Eulogy Recordings signs Barricade
4/1/2008Eulogy Recordings announces deal w/ RED
3/27/2008Eulogy Recs signs distribution deal w/ Rev
2/29/2008Eulogy Recordings signs The Mongoloids
2/4/2008Eulogy Recordings signs Years Spent Cold
1/28/2008Eulogy Fest (FL) announced
1/21/2008Eulogy Recordings signs Kingdom
1/14/2008Eulogy Recordings signs Fallen From The Sky
2/15/2007Turmoil signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
1/11/2007Eulogy Recordings signs Thick As Blood
12/12/2006The Burning Season signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
11/14/2006Wisdom In Chains signs w/ Eulogy Recs
10/19/2006Soldiers signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
8/29/2006Eulogy Recordings signs On Watership Down
7/28/2006Die Young (TX) sign w/ Eulogy Recordings
6/22/2006Eulogy Recordings inks The Spotlight
4/27/2006Will To Live signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
4/20/2006Eulogy Recordings signs Fjord
3/30/2006Eulogy Recordings signs The Drama Summer
2/23/2006Know The Score sign w/ Eulogy Recordings
1/3/2006Set Your Goals signs w/ Eulogy Recs
5/2/2005Hoods sign w/ Eulogy Recordings
2/22/2005Eulogy Tour DVD Volume 2
11/12/2004Casey Jones signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
10/14/2004Eulogy Recordings signs Kids Like Us
6/27/2004Eulogy Recordings Showcase Tour
5/15/2004Black My Heart signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
4/27/2004Until The End recording album in June
4/20/2004The Warriors sign with Eulogy Recordings
4/13/2004Eulogy Recordings signs Nevea Tears
3/28/2004Eulogy owner co-founds Hand Of Hope Records
3/12/2004Magic Fest (Florida) info
10/24/2003Rag Men signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
5/14/2003Eulogy Recordings signs three new bands
4/7/2003The Judas Cradle signs with Eulogy
11/29/2002On Broken Wings signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
9/21/2002Where Fear And Weapons Meet gets deal
9/20/2002Eulogy / Alveran tour information
1/24/2002Evergreen Terrace signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
4/18/2001Arma Angelus signs with Eulogy
12/21/2000EulogyFest 2001 information