Walls Of Jericho news


3/25/2021this final album from a certain Michigan metalcore band was released five years ago today
1/17/2017Walls of Jericho have released a video for their song "Forever Militant."
4/5/2016Here are the sales and chart results for the new Walls of Jericho album.
3/24/2016Walls Of Jericho have released a video for "Reign Supreme," a new track from their forthcoming LP.
3/16/2016You can now listen to 30 seconds of each song from the new Walls of Jericho album.
3/3/2016Walls of Jericho has released a new music video.
3/1/2016A second track from the new Walls of Jericho album has made its online debut.
2/11/2016Walls Of Jericho has premiered the first new song from their upcoming album.
2/3/2015The new Blacklisted album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
11/20/2014On Bodies (Culture, As Friends Rust, Walls Of Jericho) have uploaded a new song.
6/20/2014Madball has premiered their music video for "Born Strong," featuring Candace from Walls of Jericho.
2/19/2014A new Walls Of Jericho demo track is now online.
10/14/2011Walls Of Jericho has been added to January's Persistence Tour of Europe.
5/8/2009Walls Of Jericho will miss the next four shows of the Earth Crisis tour due to a family emergency.
7/26/2008Walls Of Jericho's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
6/25/2008A track from Walls Of Jericho's upcoming full-length is available online.
6/17/2008An album preview of Walls Of Jericho's forthcoming full-length is available online.
3/11/2008Walls Of Jericho has posted a song from their forthcoming EP, "Redemption."
1/5/2007Walls Of Jericho will tour Japan with Stone Sour this spring.
8/18/2006Walls Of Jericho has been added to the remainder of the Family Values tour.
7/19/2006A track from Walls Of Jericho's new album is now online.
5/28/2006Walls Of Jericho have posted a live video online.
3/9/2006Walls Of Jericho have posted a new song that will appear on the upcoming Headbangers Ball: The Revenge CD.
1/5/2006Walls Of Jericho live video (show at Full Force Festival) for "Revival Never Goes Out Of Style" is now online.
1/4/2005The new video for Walls Of Jericho's "There's No I In Fuck You" has been posted here.
11/18/2004Walls Of Jericho will headline a US tour with Bury Your Dead, Premonitions Of War, and Full Blown Chaos in January/February. Look for dates soon.
6/25/2004Walls Of Jericho has now been added to the upcoming Fear Factory, Mastodon, and Sworn Enemy tour.


5/5/2021Furnace Fest 2021 lineup finalized
10/27/2019Walls Of Jericho drummer arrested with 650 lbs of marijuana
4/24/2018Walls Of Jericho, First Blood tour dates
7/25/2017Walls Of Jericho cancel European dates
7/5/2016Texas Revolution Fest 2016 lineup announced
4/22/2016Dirt Fest 2016 lineup announced
2/24/201644 Fest lineup finalized
1/14/2016Walls Of Jericho to release new album in March
8/17/2015Walls Of Jericho begin recording new album
7/29/2015East Coast Tsunami Fest 2015 lineup revealed
7/8/2015Walls Of Jericho seek help from fans for new LP
3/20/2015Walls Of Jericho set to record new album
2/3/2015Walls Of Jericho sign w/ Napalm Recs; album on way
8/25/2014Walls Of Jericho tour (Europe)
6/10/2014Madball invites fans to video shoot
8/27/2012Walls Of Jericho writing new music
9/26/2011Attika 7 (Biohazard, Walls Of Jericho) launched
7/24/2009Walls Of Jericho singer to miss shows
7/14/2009Walls Of Jericho tour (South America)
5/11/2009Walls Of Jericho extends tour absence
3/12/2009Earth Crisis, WOJ, Reign Supreme tour
2/15/2009Walls Of Jericho, Red Chord tour dates
9/23/2008Walls Of Jericho, Ill Nino, Otep tour
6/19/2008Walls Of Jericho, 36 Crazyfists, IDT dates
5/21/2008WOJ, The Red Chord, Animosity tour (Europe)
5/6/2008Walls Of Jericho tour dates (Indonesia)
4/11/2008Walls Of Jericho prepares new album
2/23/2008Walls Of Jericho drops off tour
12/13/2007Napalm Death, Walls Of Jericho, etc. tour
10/17/2007Walls Of Jericho recording EP w/ Corey Taylor
10/12/2007As Blood Runs Black, WOJ, The Warriors tour
9/28/2007Suicide Silence, ALOL, Walls Of Jericho tour
6/26/2007Walls Of Jericho, Born From Pain tour (Europe)
3/12/2007Kittie, Walls Of Jericho, etc. tour extended
3/7/2007Walls Of Jericho, All Shall Perish tour scrapped
2/17/2007Walls Of Jericho, All Shall Perish, etc. tour
12/7/2006Kittie, Walls Of Jericho, Dead To Fall tour
8/28/2006Sick Of It All, Madball, Terror tour (Europe)
6/28/2006Walls Of Jericho album details
6/7/2006Walls Of Jericho complete new video
5/9/2006Unearth, All That Remains, etc. dates (Canada)
4/6/2006Trustkill Takeover Tour dates
12/16/2005Walls Of Jericho prepare new album
11/18/2005Walls Of Jericho singer to host Headbangers Ball
9/30/2005With Honor, Walls Of Jericho, etc. tour
8/2/2005Madball, WOJ, Misery Signals, etc. tour
6/6/2005Walls Of Jericho tour schedule (Europe)
12/5/2004Walls Of Jericho, POW, Bury Your Dead dates
9/22/2004Walls Of Jericho set to shoot video
9/4/2004Wes Keely (ex-WOJ, Throwdown) finds new band
3/8/2004Walls Of Jericho, Martyr AD, etc. tour
2/24/2004Walls Of Jericho vocalist injured duing show
1/26/2004God Forbid, BHBS, Walls Of Jericho, etc. dates
1/20/2004Wes Keely (ex-Throwdown, WOJ) looking for new band
8/13/2003Walls Of Jericho news and notes
4/29/2003Walls Of Jericho return
4/25/2003Hellfest lineup announced
1/8/2002Until The End recruits ex-Walls Of Jericho drummer
8/30/2001Walls Of Jericho officially over
3/1/2001Walls Of Jericho continues to tour
2/12/2001Walls Of Jericho tour schedule
1/31/2001Walls Of Jericho still together
1/19/2001Walls Of Jericho, etc. CDEP's
10/4/2000Walls Of Jericho MCD re-release