Rivers of Nihil news


11/20/2018Rivers Of Nihil issue new video
3/16/2018Rivers Of Nihil has released a new video.
3/7/2018Rives Of Nihil have debuted the title track of their new album.
2/16/2016Rivers of Nihil release live video.
11/20/2015Rivers of Nihil have released a live video for "Sand Baptism."
8/17/2015A full stream of the upcoming Rivers Of Nihil album is now online.
8/3/2015Rivers Of Nihil's new video for "Sand Baptism" is available online.
7/8/2015Another new Rivers of Nihil song is available online.
11/7/2014Rivers Of Nihil have debuted a new music video.
5/1/2014Rivers of Nihil have debuted a new music video for "Birth Of The Omnisavior."
10/16/2013Rivers of Nihil have uploaded a performance demo video for "Rain Eater."
10/9/2013Rivers of Nihil's new album can currently be streamed in full.
9/25/2013A new Rivers of Nihil track can be streamed online.
8/19/2013A new Rivers of Nihil song is available online.


8/9/2019Lorna Shore, Rivers Of Nihil, more join Fit For An Autopsy tour
5/15/2019The Summer Slaughter Tour 2019 announced
1/30/2019Rivers Of Nihil to play latest album each night on tour w/ saxophone
12/13/2018Rivers Of Nihil, Entheos, Conjurer, Wolf King tour
11/12/2018Rivers Of Nihil, Wretched members form Seinfeld-themed band
7/17/2018Revocation, Archspire, Soreption to tour Europe, UK
6/5/2018Revocation, Exhumed, Rivers Of Nihil tour announce
4/19/2018Rivers Of Nihil, Alterbeast, Inferi tour
2/6/2018Rivers Of Nihil announce new album, premiere song
2/5/2018Dying Fetus, Thy Art Is Murder, Enterprise Earth tour
9/8/2017Rivers Of Nihil recording new album
7/31/2017Texas Revolution Fest 2017 announced
2/10/2017Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, Rivers of Nihil tour dates
1/24/2017Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, Rivers of Nihil tour
12/13/2016Darkest Hour, Ringworm, Rotten Sound, Tombs tour
6/20/2016Obscura, Revocation, Beyond Creation tour (Europe)
5/4/2016Beyond Creation, Rivers Of Nihil, Zenith Passage tour
2/29/2016The Faceless, Scale The Summit, Rivers of Nihil tour dates
2/3/2016New England Metal Fest announces more bands
1/13/2016Rivers of Nihil announce new drummer
12/17/2015Rivers Of Nihil, Dark Sermon tour dates
8/31/2015Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Beyond Creation tour
6/10/2015Rivers of Nihil announce LP 'Monarchy', debut song
4/7/2015Rivers Of Nihil complete new album
10/10/2014Rivers Of Nihil replaces guitarist
8/7/2014Rivers Of Nihil, Black Crown Initiate tour dates
8/5/2014Death (DTA Tours), Obituary, Massacre tour
5/15/2014Rivers Of Nihil robbed in St. Louis
4/3/2014Broken Hope, Oceano, etc. tour cancelled
4/2/2014Whitechapel, Devildriver announce co-headline tour
3/28/2014Whitechapel set to announce U.S. tour
2/25/2014Whitechapel, Carnifex touring together this spring
2/3/2014Rivers of Nihil replaces drummer
1/17/2014Oceano, Broken Hope, Fallujah tour announced
8/27/2013Beneath The Massacre, Legion, Rings Of Saturn tour
8/12/2013Rivers of Nihil announces debut album
6/20/2013Wretched, Abiotic, Allegaeon, Rivers Of Nihil tour
6/12/2013Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Devourment, Abiotic tour
12/10/2012Metal Blade Records signs Rivers of Nihil
10/20/2012Kamikabe, Rivers of Nihil tour dates