Revocation news


3/19/2019Revocation share new video
9/27/2018full stream of new Revocation album
9/24/2018Revocation streams new song from forthcoming album
8/21/2018Revocation has shared the title track of their forthcoming album.
7/10/2018Revocation has premiered a new song and music video.
7/25/2016Revocation has debuted a music video for "Arbiters of The Apocalypse."
7/19/2016A full stream of the new Revocation album is now online.
7/7/2016Another new Revocation track is available online.
6/23/2016Revocation is streaming another new song.
6/9/2016Revocation has debuted a second track from their forthcoming album.
10/13/2015Revocation is streaming a remixed and remastered version of their song "Summon The Spawn."
1/30/2015The new crying baby face "Newborns" video from Job For A Cowboy bassist Nicky Shinz got some airtime on Comedy Central this week.
1/22/2015Job For A Cowboy's bassist Nicky Shinz has released an unsettling music video for his weird new song, "Newborns."
10/10/2014Revocation has made their upcoming album available for streaming.
10/8/2014Revocation has debuted another new song.
9/19/2014Another new Revocation song is now online.
9/12/2014Revocation has posted the first studio video from recording sessions for their new album.
5/16/2014Footage of Revocation performing a new song titled "Madness Opus" has been uploaded.
8/14/2013Revocation has cracked the Billboard 200 with their new album.
6/18/2013Revocation has debuted the first new song from their upcoming album.
6/7/2013Revocation has posted a trailer for their upcoming album.
5/14/2013Revocation has posted a second in-studio video.
1/27/2012Revocation's cover of the Faith No More classic "Surprise! Your Dead!" is now online.
8/9/2011Revocation's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
8/5/2011Revocation has posted the title track from their upcoming record here.
6/30/2011Revocation has uploaded some more in-studio footage.
12/9/2010Revocation's cover of the Exhorder song "Death In Vain" can be heard here.
9/24/2009The new Revocation album can currently be streamed here.
8/21/2009A third preview track from Revocation's forthcoming album is now online.
8/5/2009Revocation has posted another track from their forthcoming album.


5/21/2021Revocation set to record new album
6/18/2020Revocation guitarist Dan Gargiulo quits band
4/9/2020Revocation buy 5,500 masks for nurses via shirt sale
1/6/2020Gargoyl (Revocation) sign with Season Of Mist
10/21/2019Cattle Decapitation, Revocation to tour Australia
6/5/2019Revocation, Voivod, Psycroptic tour announced
4/24/2019Revocation re-sign with Metal Blade Records
7/17/2018Revocation, Archspire, Soreption to tour Europe, UK
6/5/2018Revocation, Exhumed, Rivers Of Nihil tour announce
5/15/2018Revocation tease new song, set release date for new album
4/7/2018Revocation finishes recording new album
12/29/2017ex-Revocation drummer accepts $30,000 settlement over arrest
6/26/2017Cattle Decapitation, Revocation, Full Of Hell tour
5/12/2017Converge announces European tour dates
3/16/2017Revocation song to appear in upcoming 'Power Rangers' movie
1/11/2017Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Revocation tour
8/1/2016Revocation score their highest sales debut to date
6/20/2016Obscura, Revocation, Beyond Creation tour (Europe)
5/24/2016Revocation announce new album, premiere song
5/22/2016The Summer Slaughter Tour 2016 dates announced
5/13/2016The Summer Slaughter Tour 2016 lineup announced
6/29/2015Revocation, Cannabis Corpse, Archspire tour
6/26/2015Revocation announces new drummer
6/15/2015Revocation drummer leaves band
5/17/2015Full Terror Assault 2015 lineup finalized
4/24/2015Veil Of Maya, Revocation, Oceano, Entheos tour
3/13/2015Revocation mini-tour
12/17/2014The Contortionist, Revocation, Fallujah tour
8/13/2014Revocation set to release new album; song debuted
8/10/2014Revocation cancels immediate shows
7/2/2014Revocation to release new LP 'Deathless' this fall
7/1/2014Crowbar, Revocation, Havok, FFAA announce tour
5/1/2014GWAR-B-Q 2014 to feature Hatebreed, Body Count
4/24/2014Cannibal Corpse, Revocation, Aeon tour (Europe)
4/9/2014Revocation signs with Metal Blade Records
4/2/2014Whitechapel, Devildriver announce co-headline tour
3/28/2014Whitechapel set to announce U.S. tour
2/25/2014Whitechapel, Carnifex touring together this spring
8/9/2013Death Angel, Battlecross, Revocation tour dates
8/5/2013Death Angel, 3IOB, Battlecross, Revocation tour
7/11/2013The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted tour (Europe)
6/10/2013Revocation invites fans to video shoot
5/23/2013Revocation to release new album in August
4/10/2013Revocation completes new album
3/22/2013The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 lineup revealed
2/6/2013Revocation recording new album
1/25/2013Goatwhore, 3 Inches of Blood tour
10/15/2012The Faceless, Revocation, Haarp Machine tour dates
9/17/2012Revocation announces new EP, bassist
9/13/2012Revocation, A Life Once Lost, KEN Mode
9/8/2012Revocation, A Life Once Lost tour
7/4/2012Shockwave Festival tour canceled
6/20/2012Shockwave Festival removes 4 bands from tour
6/18/2012Dying Fetus, Job For A Cowboy tour (Europe)
5/2/2012Shockwave Festival tour lineup, dates announced
4/17/2012Scion Rock Fest 2012 lineup takes shape
3/27/2012Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, Revocation tour
3/5/2012Revocation, Cannabis Corpse, Ramming Speed dates
1/18/2012Relapse Records announces Scion Label Showcase
11/8/2011Children Of Bodom, Revocation, Threat Signal tour
10/17/2011Revocation shoots new video
8/17/2011Chimaira, Impending Doom, Revocation tour
4/12/2011Forbidden, Revocation, Havok tour
1/28/2011Revocation finishing up new album
1/25/2011Atheist, A Life Once Lost, Revocation tour dates
9/5/2010Darkest Hour, Veil Of Maya, Periphery tour
8/4/2010Despised Icon's final U.S. tour dates
4/28/2010Goatwhore, Revocation tour dates
3/1/2010Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel tour announced
2/26/2010Cattle Decapitation, Enfold Darkness dates
12/17/2009Dying Fetus, Origin, Man Must Die tour (Europe)
12/14/2009Behemoth, Job For A Cowboy tour dates (Japan)
11/5/2009Revocation, Hypno5e, The Binary Code tour
11/3/2009Revocation shoots new video
5/4/2009Relapse Records signs Revocation