Most Precious Blood news


2/1/2021this final album from a certain New York City hardcore band was released 10 years ago yesterday
12/29/2018Mind Power debuts new track featuring Rob Fusco (One King Down, Most Precious Blood)
9/8/2015Most Precious Blood says Thy Art Is Murder "ripped off" album cover.
1/13/2014Are you a hardcore kid who's been wronged in one way or another. Enter Rob Fusco: Hardcore Attorney at Law.
10/11/2012Justin Brannan (Most Precious Blood, Indecision) has been named one of NYC's "40 Under 40 Rising Stars" in politics.
4/21/2010Most Precious Blood guitarist Justin Brannan is running for office in New York.
7/7/2009New music from Most Precious Blood can be heard via this podcast.
2/11/2006Most Precious Blood, Ringworm, and Damnation A.D. will be touring Europe together from mid-June until early-July.
11/15/2005Most Precious Blood's video for "Shark Ethic" has been posted online.
11/11/2005Most Precious Blood has replaced Nine on the bill for Turmoil's January tour of Europe.
10/21/2005Most Precious Blood will be shooting a video for "Shark Ethic" on Sunday in Brooklyn. They need some people there, so go.
8/11/2005Trustkill has posted an MP3 from Most Precious Blood's new album.
6/8/2005The upcoming Most Precious Blood and Since The Flood Canadian tour has been cancelled.
6/29/2004Most Precious Blood and Destiny will be touring Europe from late-August until early-October. By the way, MPB now has a new permanent drummer by the name of Ryan.
2/25/2004The new Most Precious Blood video for "Great Red Shift" has been posted here.


8/30/2020Rob Fusco (One King Down, Most Precious Blood) forms band
6/3/2020Justin Brannan (Indecision) called out by Donald Trump Jr.
11/2/2019Indecision guitarist leads charge for animal rights in NYC
6/13/2019Back To School Jam 2019 lineup takes shape
5/21/2018NYC councilman Justin Brannan looks to ban hidden ticket fees
11/8/2017Indecision guitarist wins New York City Council election
10/9/2016Most Precious Blood 'Nothing In Vain' 15th anniversary show
3/28/2016This Is Hardcore 2016 lineup announced
5/28/2015BISHOP announce new album, premiere new songs
2/23/2012Recon set to release new EP
12/1/2010Most Precious Blood album set for release
11/28/2010Most Precious Blood singer forms new band
10/29/2010Most Precious Blood update
1/18/2009Most Precious Blood wrapping up new album
9/11/2008Most Precious Blood issues album update
4/21/2008Most Precious Blood recording new album
10/1/2007Most Precious Blood prepares new album
8/5/2006Most Precious Blood begins work on new album
2/26/2006Most Precious Blood, Ringworm, etc. tour (Europe)
10/7/2005Most Precious Blood, With Honor, etc. tour
9/23/2005Hatebreed 10th anniversary tour w/ MPB, etc.
7/15/2005Most Precious Blood and Donnybrook dates
6/24/2005Most Precious Blood mini-tour (South Africa)
6/14/2005Most Precious Blood, Evergreen Terrace dates
6/1/2005MPB, Since The Flood mini-tour (Canada)
5/12/2005Most Precious Blood cancels European tour
4/19/2005Most Precious Blood prepares new album
3/1/2005Napalm Death, MPB, Diecast tour (Europe)
10/20/2004Most Precious Blood set to hit Australia
10/8/2004Most Precious Blood, Remembering Never tour
8/2/2004KGB (Today Is The Day, Most Precious Blood) info
7/27/2004Most Precious Blood loses another drummer
7/5/2004Most Precious Blood tour of Europe
6/25/2004Most Precious Blood, Agnostic Front mini-tour
4/30/2004Most Precious Blood replaces drummer (again)
4/6/2004Most Precious Blood and Throwdown dates
10/26/2003Sick Of It All, Most Precious Blood tour
10/25/2003Most Precious Blood loses drummer
9/11/2003Most Precious Blood cover art update
9/7/2003Give Up The Ghost, MPB, Cursed etc. tour
9/4/2003Most Precious Blood cover art controversy
7/24/2003Most Precious Blood set to enter studio
4/30/2003MPB, Terror, The Takeover tour dates
3/5/2003Most Precious Blood, Sworn Enemy dates
2/16/2003Most Precious Blood replaces vocalist
1/21/2003The Promise and Most Precious Blood tour
1/3/2003Most Precious Blood news and notes
12/17/2002Most Precious Blood, ETID, The Promise tour
11/9/2002Most Precious Blood and Andrew W.K. dates
9/28/2002Most Precious Blood, The Hope Conspiracy tour
8/22/2002Most Precious Blood, Sick Of It All tour
6/5/2002Most Precious Blood and Throwdown dates
5/22/2002Most Precious Blood news and notes
8/3/2001Most Precious Blood news update
6/10/2001Most Precious Blood and Trustkill
5/18/2001Most Precious Blood update