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Most Precious Blood singer forms new band

Sunday, November 28, 2010 9:31 AM PT / 12,311 views

Obviously Rob Fusco isn't too busy with Most Precious Blood these days (though a release date for their "new" album will be announced this week), so he's got time to work on other things. One of those things is Fires and Floods, a new group also featuring ex-Shai Hulud guitarist Matt Canning. Rounding out the group is Canning's The Twilight Collective comrade Phil Bryer (guitar) in addition to Emidio Capponi (bass) and Sean Ward (drums). Thus far, Fires and Floods has recorded one demo track (apparently recorded in someone's bedroom). You can listen to that right now: Fires and Flood - demo by lambgoat The band has written roughly eight songs to date, so you can expect more to surface in the near future. According to Rob Fusco, "We have no label backing. No one even knows we exist yet, I think. Maybe that's for the best... Any label stupid enough to express interest in this shit-show may draft a polite email to RobFusco@gmail.com"

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