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Indecision guitarist leads charge for animal rights in NYC

Indecision guitarist and lawmaker Justin Brannan Two years ago, Indecision and Most Precious Blood guitarist Justin Brannan was elected to the New York City Council. One of the causes championed by Brannan since taking office has been the welfare of New York's animals. On Wednesday, a measure sponsored by Brannan seeking the establishment of the Office of Animal Welfare was passed by Council, making New York the nation's first city with an office dedicated to animal welfare. "By establishing this office, the first of its kind in the nation, New York will lead the way as a city that not only cares about, but prioritizes animal welfare," Brannan said. "Animal-related issues will no longer be relegated to a disorganized, bureaucratic morass of city agencies." Council also passed another Brannan-led bill calling upon legislators in Albany to ban puppy mills across the state of New York. Brannan, a vegetarian, has long been passionate about animal activism; he even managed to combine his affinity for animals with his love of heavy music. At the peak of Most Precious Blood's career, Brannan was also a member of now-defunct deathgrind outfit Caninus, which amusingly featured two pitbulls as vocalists. In 2004 and 2005, Caninus released three records, an LP and two splits, including one with Cattle Decapitation. Keep up the good work, Justin.

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