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4/9/2024 Integrity release live album of 2014 reunion show at A389 Bash
4/3/2024 Integrity, Earth Crisis, Deadguy and more to perform at New York City Tattoo Arts Convention
2/1/2024 Zach Bryan guitarist Noah Le Gros spotted wearing Integrity shirt during concert
1/9/2024 Integrity release collection of rare and unreleased material; 'All Death Is Mine: Total Domination!'
1/7/2024 Dying Fetus joined onstage at FYA 2024 by Colin Young to perform Integrity cover
8/3/2023 Integrity to re-release classic albums 'Seasons In The Size Of Days' and ' Closure'
6/27/2023 Hatebreed and Integrity to headline Born Dead Fest on Labor Day weekend
3/8/2023 Darkest Hour, The Acacia Strain, Integrity and more to play Furnace Fest's Benefit Bash
12/2/2022 Integrity announce Texas dates with Spiritworld
6/1/2022 Ether Coven sign with Good Fight Music, debut new single feat. Dwid of Integrity
5/24/2022 Integrity to tour Europe this fall
4/22/2022 Municipal Waste and Integrity mini-tour announced
3/29/2022 Pure Filth Fest 2022 announced
2/13/2022 End Reign (All Out War, Integrity, Bloodlet, Pig Destroyer) premiere two new songs
1/26/2022 Furnace Fest 2022 initial lineup announced
11/11/2021 All Out War, Integrity, Misery Index, Bloodlet members form new band End Reign
10/26/2021 ex-Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera and Integrity's Dwid Hellion launch Corroded Spiral
10/7/2019 Integrity tour dates
9/7/2019 FYA 7 lineup announced
7/21/2019 Petbrick (feat. Igor Cavalera) sign with CCA, premiere song
2/11/2019 Northern Alliance 2019 festival announced
1/23/2019 Austin Terror Fest 2019 announced
1/15/2019 Integrity, Toxic Holocaust, All Out War tour dates
11/7/2018 Psywarfare (Integrity) sign with Relapse, debut new song
9/14/2018 Integrity announces exclusive East Coast shows
5/23/2018 Integrity, Krieg announce split LP, share new songs
2/23/2018 Psycho Las Vegas 2018 lineup announced
1/8/2018 Northwest Terror Fest 2018 announced
12/28/2017 Integrity tour dates
10/2/2017 Decibel Metal & Beer Fest 2018 announced
7/30/2017 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2017 lineup announced
7/24/2017 Maryland Deathfest 2018 adds 19 bands
7/15/2017 East Coast Tsunami 2017 to feature Agnostic Front, Integrity
5/17/2017 Integrity announce new album, premiere song
3/10/2017 Integrity, Seven Sisters Of Sleep tour dates (Europe)
3/2/2017 Integrity completes new album
1/17/2017 United Blood Fest 2017 announced
7/5/2016 Integrity sign with Relapse Records, set to record new album
5/2/2016 Integrity, Power Trip to release split LP
3/28/2016 This Is Hardcore 2016 lineup announced
3/18/2014 Integrity, Vegas to release Record Store Day split
9/26/2013 A389 Recordings announces 10th Anniversary Bash
8/19/2013 Integrity: iconic lineup to reunite for A389 Bash
4/11/2013 Integrity reveals new album details
3/21/2013 Integrity to release new album in June
1/4/2013 Integrity tour schedule
12/13/2012 Integrity signs record deal, prepares new album
9/20/2012 Maryland Deathfest 2013 lineup
9/18/2012 Chaos In Tejas 2013 lineup takes shape
9/1/2012 A389 IX Anniversary Bash lineup
7/19/2012 Maryland Deathfest XI takes shape
4/2/2012 Scion/A389 showcase to include Integrity, more
1/18/2012 Integrity, Rot In Hell tour dates (Europe)
1/18/2012 Integrity announces new release
9/1/2011 A389 Recordings Anniversary Bash (MD) details
10/27/2009 Integrity, Ringworm, etc. to play A389 Recs bash
8/26/2009 Integrity mini-tour (Japan)
10/22/2008 Integrity, Vegas to release split EP
3/10/2008 Integrity prepares new release
2/15/2008 Converge, Integrity, Coliseum tour (Europe)
12/4/2007 Jake Bannon and Dwid start new band
11/23/2006 Integrity tribute finalized
1/17/2006 Integrity tribute details revealed
12/10/2005 Integrity prepare Spook City Recs release
10/4/2005 Integrity, Death Before Dishonor tour
12/24/2003 Integrity goes on hiatus
10/27/2003 Sledgehammer (Integrity, Liar, etc.) info
10/19/2003 Integrity, On Broken Wings, etc. tour
6/16/2003 Integrity joins the Deathwish roster
5/22/2003 Integrity and Out To Win dates

News Tidbits
1/9/2019 Integrity premieres new song
10/31/2018 Integrity streams cover of Ozzy Osbourne track 'Bark At The Moon'
6/28/2018 Integrity has released a new video.
9/5/2017 A new, NSFW video from Integrity is now online.
7/6/2017 Integrity has debuted a new song and music video.
6/16/2017 A new Integrity song has made its online debut.
4/6/2017 A portion of a new Integrity song is now online.
8/3/2016 Integrity has launched a full stream of their remastered debut album.
7/15/2016 Integrity's cover of R.U.G.'s "Deathly Fighter" is available online.
6/16/2016 Integrity and Power Trip are streaming their split LP.
6/11/2016 Two tracks from the new Integrity and Power Trip split can now be streamed online.
1/17/2014 Shin To Shin (ex-Integrity) has debuted the title track of their new album.
1/14/2014 Integrity: 1990s lineup premieres first new song in two decades.
12/16/2013 Integrity's 'Systems Overload' lineup has recorded a new track, part of which you can hear right now.
5/8/2013 Integrity has posted another song from their forthcoming album.
4/1/2013 A track from Integrity's upcoming album has made its online debut.
1/27/2007 Two more tracks from the new Integrity tribute ("Harder They Fall: A Tribute to Integrity") are now available online.
12/30/2006 Integrity has posted several live videos (dating back to 1990).
1/2/2006 A project is in the works featuring Converge's Jacob Bannon and Integrity's Dwid. No further details have been disclosed.
2/3/2005 Integrity will reportedly play a reunion show on March 26th at Peabody's in Cleveland.

2/28/2017 The Infamous Gehenna 'TormentORR' video premiere
1/14/2014 Shin To Shin song premiere

6/27/2023 Domenic Romeo of End Reign/Integrity & A389 Recordings
5/24/2021 Frank Novinec of Hatebreed, Ringworm, & Terror

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