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Maryland Deathfest XI takes shape

Thu, July 19, 2012 9:03 PM PT9,096 views

Organizers of next year's Maryland Deathfest (MDF XI) have announced a handful of bands for the event, which will take place on May 23, 24, 25, and 26 in Baltimore, MD (though not at Sonar). The initial lineup is as follows: Venom Carcass Manilla Road Righteous Pigs Pentagram Antaeus Integrity Convulse Aosoth Pelican Midnight !Tooh Morgion Kommandant Ahumado Granujo Ingrowing Update announcement #2 Broken Hope Gride Loss Pagan Altar Pig Destroyer Repulsion Vinterland Weedeater Update announcement #3 Ihsahn Exodus Benediction Iniquity Glorior Belli

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