TidbitsJune 16, 2016 8:58 PM ET

Integrity and Power Trip are streaming their split LP.

Official press release: Just days before the album is released worldwide via Magic Bullet Records, Noisey is now streaming the new split 12" from Integrity and Power Trip. "You know a split between Cleveland's legendary dark hardcore bruisers Integrity (who, as it happens, hail from the most metal city in the nation) and Dallas' Power Trip is bound to be lit. Lucky for you, Magic Bullet made it happen, and will release the pair's new EP this coming Friday," Noisey offers. "Both groups, despite the huge gaps in age, have produced some of the best hardcore-metal fusions to date, so this release was truly meant to be. It's only sort of a new release for both bands, as it's mostly comprised of previously released material, but old shit from Integrity and Power Trip is still better than most bands' newer stuff."