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Eighteen Visions

6/15/2024 Eighteen Visions celebrate 20 years of 'Obsession' with re-recorded reissue
6/5/2024 Eighteen Visions share East Coast dates ft This Is Hell and Walls of Jericho
5/29/2024 It Dies Today announce "20 Years of The Caitiff Choir" anniversary show at Starland Ballroom (NJ)
5/14/2024 Atreyu announce 'The Curse' 20th anniversary show with Eighteen Visions & Death By Stereo
4/3/2024 Eighteen Visions added to Furnace Fest 2024
1/8/2024 Better Lovers' Greg Puciato reflects on early days touring with Poison The Well and Eighteen Visions
12/21/2023 Eighteen Visions add Day Of Contempt bassist Dan Smith to line up
11/2/2023 Eighteen Visions release final 'Purgatorio' single, "Violence Surrounds"
9/30/2023 Eighteen Visions unveil fifth 'Purgatorio' single, "Ravenous Ways"
8/31/2023 Eighteen Visions announce 'Purgatorio' EP pre-orders, reveal new track "This Machine"
7/31/2023 Lambgoat Records returns with Paria 'Venerate' EP and Eighteen Visions 'Purgatorio' physical release
6/30/2023 Eighteen Visions drop new track, "Reality Killer"
7/5/2022 Eighteen Visions record and release new version of 'Vanity' album
5/20/2022 iMatter Festival 2022 announced
5/18/2022 Eighteen Visions announce 'Vanity' 20th anniversary tour
10/1/2021 Pressure Cracks debut new song ft. Eighteen Visions frontman James Hart
7/9/2021 Eighteen Visions surprise release new covers album '1996'
7/2/2021 Eighteen Visions release new track '1996'
6/25/2021 Eighteen Visions premiere Vision Of Disorder cover
6/19/2021 Eighteen Visions release Alice In Chains cover
9/15/2020 Eighteen Visions premiere new song 'The Wicked'
9/8/2020 Eighteen Visions debut new song, announce 'Inferno' EP
9/4/2020 Eighteen Visions tease new music
1/29/2020 Every Time I Die, 18 Visions, more added to Furnace Fest
3/30/2018 This Is Hardcore 2018 lineup announced
10/30/2017 Eighteen Visions, Martyr AD mini-tour
10/3/2017 Every Time I Die announces 'TID The Season'
9/25/2017 Eighteen Visions, Knocked Loose announce shows
8/27/2017 Eighteen Visions announce new guitarist
8/25/2017 Eighteen Visions seek extras for video shoot
8/23/2017 Stick To Your Guns, Eighteen Visions tour dates
8/8/2017 Playing With Fire Music Festival 2017 announced
7/18/2017 Vanna announces final show
7/10/2017 Ozzfest Meets Knotfest 2017 announced
6/21/2017 Eighteen Visions announce UK shows
4/20/2017 Eighteen Visions announce new album, premiere song
4/17/2017 Eighteen Visions to release new album in June
4/17/2017 Eighteen Visions tease new music, to make announcements
2/9/2017 Eighteen Visions recording new album
2/8/2017 Eighteen Visions reuniting
3/4/2015 eOne Music signs Burn Halo (ex-Eighteen Visions)
9/15/2013 Renouncer guitarist accuses drummer of assault
6/3/2013 Mick Morris (18 Visions, Bleeding Through) dies
7/10/2009 Musicians to team up for hardcore cover show
4/27/2008 Ex-Eighteen Visions guitarist joins Love Thyne
10/14/2007 Never Enough (ex-18 Visions) album details
10/1/2007 Island Recs signs James Hart (ex-18 Visions)
7/13/2007 Eighteen Visions frontman starts solo project
4/9/2007 Eighteen Visions breaks up
9/2/2006 Eighteen Visions and Hinder tour
8/16/2006 Eighteen Visions, BFMV, etc. mini-tour
3/27/2006 Coheed, Avenged Sevenfold, 18 Visions, etc. tour
10/26/2005 Eighteen Visions prepare new album
8/4/2005 18 Visions guitarists form hardcore band
5/25/2005 Eighteen Visions and He Is Legend tour
1/5/2005 Eighteen Visions set to shoot video
11/24/2004 Eighteen Visions, Misery Signals, etc. tour
11/9/2004 Ex-Saved By Grace, 18V drummer seeks new group
10/30/2004 Eighteen Visions, Lost Prophets tour (Europe)
10/4/2004 18V, Remembering Never, etc. tour cancelled
7/14/2004 Killswitch Engage, 18 Visions, FATA tour
3/23/2004 Eighteen Visions update
1/29/2004 Eighteen Visions update
10/24/2003 Eighteen Visions preparing to record
5/25/2003 Keith Barney (18V, Throwdown) forms label
3/18/2003 Eighteen Visions set to shoot video
3/3/2003 Eighteen Visions update
1/9/2003 Sworn Enemy gets dates on Kittie, 18V tour
9/26/2002 18 Visions, Terror, Throwdown tour dates
8/22/2002 Eighteen Visions & Throwdown European tour
7/21/2002 18 Visions, ETID, Hopesfall, Norma Jean tour
7/4/2002 Eighteen Visions line-up change
6/28/2002 Eighteen Visions record gets a street date
6/25/2002 Martyr AD drops off 18 Visions, ETID tour
6/3/2002 Martyr AD to tour w/ ETID, 18 Visions, etc.
5/22/2002 Eighteen Visions new album update
4/24/2002 Bleeding Through recruits 18 Visions bassist
1/27/2002 Information on the new Eighteen Visions record
1/16/2002 Lamb Of God & Eighteen Visions touring the U.S.
11/24/2001 Eighteen Visions news and notes
6/29/2001 Eighteen Visions summer tour dates
6/14/2001 18 Visions & Bleeding Through tour
5/1/2001 Eighteen Visions news & notes
2/25/2001 Eighteen Visions news & notes
2/12/2001 Eighteen Visions anthology CD
12/30/2000 Eighteen Visions cancel tour
12/23/2000 Eighteen Visions winter tour info
12/20/2000 Eighteen Visions new material
11/9/2000 Eighteen Visions U.S. tour

News Tidbits
2/18/2020 Eighteen Visions announce 'Vanity' reissue
10/10/2017 Eighteen Visions has unveiled a new music video (featuring Andy Williams of Every Time I Die).
6/20/2017 Dear Furious is streaming a new track featuring James Hart of Eighteen Visions.
6/3/2017 A new Eighteen Visions video has made its online debut.
5/25/2017 Another new Eighteen Visions song is now online.
5/9/2017 Eighteen Visions has premiered a new track titled 'Crucified'.
3/28/2017 Eighteen Visions has shared some more new music.
3/13/2017 Another clip of new music from Eighteen Visions is now online.
2/25/2017 Here's a brief clip of the first new Eighteen Visions music you've heard in a decade.
4/6/2007 Rumor has it that Eighteen Visions has broken up. We don't know.
7/26/2006 Eighteen Visions' new album has debuted at #74 on the Billboard 200 with 11,000 units sold.
6/28/2006 Eighteen Visions' video for "Victim" is now online.
4/20/2006 A track from Eighteen Visions' upcoming Epic Records release is now online.
9/14/2004 Eighteen Visions, Remembering Never, Boys Night Out, and It Dies Today will be touring the US from 11/6 until 12/10.
7/21/2004 Eighteen Visions and drummer Jason Shrout have amicably parted ways.
6/1/2004 Although it will be out via Trustkill on June 15th, Epic Records will also be releasing Eighteen Visions' "Obsession" album later this year.
5/20/2004 The video for Eighteen Visions' "Waiting For The Heavens" (from their upcoming album "Obession") has been posted online <a href="http://www.redmusic.com/video/18Visions/WaitingForTheHeavens.asx

6/20/2017 Dear Furious 'Ghost Writer' song premiere

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