Deez Nuts news


3/5/2020Deez Nuts issue new video
10/6/2019Deez Nuts issue new video
8/24/2019Deez Nuts debut first single from new album
6/22/2018Deez Nuts has issued a new music video.
8/16/2017We Ride has issued a video for "What You Are," featuring JJ Peters of Deez Nuts.
5/24/2017Deez Nuts have released a video for their song "Remedy."
3/17/2017Deez Nuts is streaming a new track.
3/1/2017Deez Nuts has unveiled a new track and video.
8/29/2016Deez Nuts have released a video for "Chess Boxin'."
5/18/2016Photo: ISIS militant apprehended while wearing Deez Nuts shirt.
8/10/2015Being As An Ocean and Deez Nuts have been added to the Stray From The Path and Comeback Kid tour.
4/21/2015The new Deez Nuts album can now be streamed in its entirety.
3/12/2015Deez Nuts has debuted a video for another new track from their upcoming album.
2/19/2015Deez Nuts have premiered a new song and video from their forthcoming album.
3/21/2013Deez Nuts has posted a lyric video for their song "Shot After Shot."
1/10/2013Deez Nuts music video for "Band of Brothers" has premiered online.
1/7/2013Deez Nuts have uploaded another new song.
11/28/2012A new Deez Nuts track has made its online debut.


2/24/2021Deez Nuts, ex-I Killed The Prom Queen bassist Sean Kennedy dies
8/18/2019Deez Nuts to release new album in October
6/28/2019Deez Nuts recording new album
5/29/2019Lionheart, Deez Nuts, Obey The Brave to tour Europe
3/1/2018Warped Tour announces final lineup
12/6/2017Deez Nuts, Trash Talk, Capsize to tour Europe
6/15/2017Emmure, Deez Nuts, Chelsea Grin, more to tour Europe
4/11/2017Obey The Brave, Deez Nuts announce tour of Canada
4/11/2017Deez Nuts announces tour of Europe
1/19/2017Deez Nuts to release new album in April
11/14/2016Comeback Kid, Deez Nuts, First Blood tour (Europe)
3/17/2016Thy Art Is Murder, Amity Affliction, Fallujah tour (Europe)
8/26/2015Deez Nuts, Nasty, Expire tour (Europe)
7/20/2015Stray From The Path, Comeback Kid tour
2/2/2015Deez Nuts announces new album, record label
1/7/2015Deez Nuts complete new album
12/17/2014Stick To Your Guns, Deez Nuts, etc. tour (Europe)
5/20/2014Deez Nuts announce European tour
5/1/2014Deez Nuts, Confession tour (Australia)
3/26/2014Deez Nuts replaces bassist
2/7/2014Terror, Deez Nuts announce European tour
7/5/2013Deez Nuts, Obey The Brave, SFTP tour (Europe)
4/14/2013Deez Nuts tour (Europe)
3/25/2013I Killed The Prom Queen replaces drummer
11/15/2012Deez Nuts signs European deal with Century Media
11/2/2012Deez Nuts, Comeback Kid, FTFD tour (Australia)
10/25/2012Ghost Inside, Deez Nuts, SFTP tour (Europe)
6/27/2012Architects, Deez Nutz, The Acacia Strain tour (UK)
6/4/2012Hatebreed, Whitechapel, All Shall Perish tour
4/24/2012Deez Nuts tour (Europe)
12/19/2011H20, Madball, Deez Nuts tour dates (Europe)
7/6/2011Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive tour
6/27/2011Never Say Die! Tour (Europe) announced
10/20/2010Deez Nuts, This Is Hell tour (Europe)
8/17/2010The Ghost Inside, First Blood, Deez Nuts tour
6/3/2010Deez Nuts signs with Mediaskare Records
12/9/2009American Me, Endwell, Deez Nuts tour
10/4/2009Deez Nuts, The Ghost Inside tour (Australia)
2/26/2009Ligeia, Deez Nuts tour
8/17/2008Bring Me The Horizon, The Red Shore tour (Europe)
11/26/2007All Shall Perish tour (Australia)