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Ghosts's “13 Commandments" arrives on streaming platforms

Ghost 2023

Swedish occult metal band Ghost has released a new digital compilation album titled 13 Commandments that is now available on major digital outlets. 

The album features a selection of fan-favorite tracks from the band's catalog, including "Square Hammer," "Year Zero," "Mary On A Cross," "Call Me Little Sunshine," "Darkness At The Heart Of My Love," "Dance Macabre," "Rats," "Spillways," "Cirice," "If You Have Ghosts" (a Roky Erickson cover), "He Is," "Zenith," and “Phantom Of The Opera.”


Ghost 13 Commandments full tracklist:

01. Square Hammer
02. Year Zero
03. Mary On A Cross
04. Call Me Little Sunshine
05. Darkness At The Heart Of My Love
06. Dance Macabre
07. Rats
08. Spillways
09. Cirice
10. If You Have Ghosts (Roky Erickson cover)
11. He Is
12. Zenith
13. Phantom Of The Opera

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