BlogDecember 17, 2023 3:00 AM ET

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson launches a new line of amplifiers called Lerxst

Lerxst Amplifiers

Alex Lifeson of Rush fame has launched a new line of amplifiers called Lerxst, designed to cater to modern guitarists while drawing on his five decades of experience. These amps, made in the USA by Mojotone, offer a range of sounds from clean to heavy arena rock.

The lineup includes the Omega and CHI amplifier heads and combos, along with a series of matching guitar cabinets. 

Omega, the flagship model, features a British-voiced amplifier head with clean and lead channels, a shared 3-band EQ, and a 50/25 watt power section. It also includes a serial effects loop. A limited-edition hand-wired version of Omega is available.

Lifeson commented on the Omega, highlighting its sound quality and aesthetics.

I'm very excited about the new, updated Omega amp. It sounds incredible and it's very handsome — you'll want to get one even if you don't play guitar!

The CHI model offers similar features in a more compact form, with a 30-watt output based on 6L6 tubes, available as a head or a 1x12 combo. Lifeson praised the CHI for its sound and portability.

Both models come with various speaker configurations in their cabinet range, made of baltic birch and finished in a race gray and red garnet Levant Tolex.

Lifeson stated: 

I've used more amps than Dr. Frankenstein did when breathing life into his creature, but the Lerxst CHI is an awesome monster in its own right and one of the sweetest-sounding amps I've ever heard," said Lifeson. "ALL the great character of the OMEGA in a cool, compact package that you don't have to be a seven-foot monster to carry around.



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anonymous 91 days ago

My life long friend Jeff Perkins, God rest his soul, was perfectionist in sound engineering in all aspects, sound engineer at concerts, final sound mixes from masters, sound that had tone, warmth,, depth to the low side that feel it hit you to making you vibrate with a hum. He started Perkins Amplification, custom cabinets, hand built and wired tube amplification, precision and very discreet controls that you can see very well on a dark stage, dials that went from 0 to 11. I hope these have that much precision, I expect they with Alex behind them. Bravo to the ones that want you to heat the music the perfect and only right way.

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