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Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) reveals "Afterglow Of Ragnarok" solo single

Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson, the renowned frontman of Iron Maiden, has unveiled the official music video for his new solo single entitled "Afterglow Of Ragnarok". 

The Ryan Mackfall-directed motion picture short is based on the graphic novel co-authored by Dickinson and Tony Lee. The video showcases original artwork by Staz Johnson. "Afterglow Of Ragnarok" serves as the lead single from Dickinson's upcoming solo album, The Mandrake Project, slated for release in early 2024 through BMG. 

Dickinson said:

It was important to set the tone of the project with this track. As befitting its title, it's a heavy song and there's a great big riff driving it… but there's also a real melody in the chorus that displays the light and shade that the rest of the album brings… and just wait until you see the video!

The track is characterized as dramatic and epic and sets the stage for the album's compelling narrative. 

The Mandrake Project is described as a dark, adult tale focusing on power, abuse, and the quest for identity, set against a backdrop of scientific and occult brilliance. 

The series consists of 12 episodes, compiled into three graphic novels, to be launched in 2024. In addition to the album, a prequel comic named "Afterglow Of Ragnarok" is included in the vinyl seven-inch single booklet, which also features Dickinson's original solo demo version of the song "If Eternity Should Fail", initially featured on IRON MAIDEN's 2015 album "The Book Of Souls".

Dickinson anticipates sharing more details about "The Mandrake Project" during his appearance as the keynote speaker at CCXP23 in São Paulo on November 30. 

On the live front, Dickinson and his band intend to embark on a series of European concerts and festival appearances, following their initially announced dates in Brazil and Mexico. "The Mandrake Project" marks Dickinson's seventh solo album and his first release since "Tyranny Of Souls" in 2005. 

Plans for this album have been in the works for years, and Dickinson is eager to present it to his audience. He has also hinted that the record may include a reworked version of "If Eternity Should Fail", a track originally intended for his next solo album before it was adopted by IRON MAIDEN. Dickinson's enduring impact and prolific solo career continue to captivate fans worldwide.


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