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Writing metal songs in 10 minutes vs 10 hours vs 100 hours

Jonny Turner

YouTuber Jonny Turner recently set out to write a metal song under three different time constraints: 10 minutes, 10 hours, and 100 hours, exploring how time can affect musical creativity.

He gave himself three rules:

1. As soon as the timer is up, he has to stop working
2. Each song must contain a breakdown
3. No help from anyone else

10-Minute Challenge: In this rapid session, the artist quickly assembled a basic song with a riff and breakdown. This segment highlighted the creative energy and spontaneity in swift songwriting.

10-Hour Challenge: With more time, he refined the song, adding verses and a chorus. This stage allowed for more detailed work but still felt rushed, showing that even ten hours might not suffice for a truly polished track.

100-Hour Challenge: This phase allowed for in-depth development, including adding vocals and perfecting the mix. It was a journey of self-reflection and meticulous crafting, resulting in a highly polished and personal piece he felt more satisfied with.

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