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Questions remain in death of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 8:06 AM PT

Oli Herbert and All That Remains

It was a great shock to the metal world when All That Remains guitarist and co-founder Oli Herbert passed away in mid-October, just three weeks before the release of the band's ninth studio album.

To our knowledge, Herbert's bandmates and friends were stunned, including All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte, who told Detroit's WRIF radio station the following: "I was shocked. He was 44 years old, and he wasn't really a big partier. He would go hang out with people and stuff, but he didn't really do a lot of drinking… He didn't do drugs, he didn't really drink a lot. He would smoke pot once in a while, but that was the extent of it. And so, yeah, it was a big shock. And we're still processing it and trying to figure out how it is that we move forward and what that means and stuff. So… it sucks."

Not only was Herbert's death unexpected, but the circumstances surrounding his demise remain unclear, and some are now casting suspicion upon Herbert's wife of fourteen years, Beth.

Shortly after Herbert died, TMZ learned via "law enforcement sources" that he was found dead in a pond near his home in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. At the time, Herbert's publicist said, "no further details are being released at this time," while his wife offered, "I don't want to go into what happened until we have a complete picture."

On November 5, it was announced via Herbert's public Facebook account, The Official Oli Herbert Page, that a public memorial for Herbert would be held on Sunday, November 11. Two days later, the same Facebook page revealed that the memorial service had been canceled, though no explanation was provided. It is believed that following Herbert's death, all posts from The Official Oli Herbert Page have been authored by Beth Herbert.

On November 10, using the aforementioned Facebook account, Beth issued a peculiar statement announcing that toxicology results had been released and her husband had ingested both anti-depressants and sleeping pills prior to his death.

The opening portion of the statement read: "Good morning everyone this is Beth. And indeed it IS a good morning; Toxicology results are back as is the official cause of my husband's death!"

She also stated that "the official cause" of her husband's death was drowning.

Lambgoat has learned that Herbert was found deceased on the evening of October 16 in Hydeville Pond, a sizeable pond behind the home that Oli Herbert owned, after Beth Herbert had reported him missing. The rear of Herbert's property abuts a portion of the pond. (In the satellite photo below, Herbert's parcel of land is highlighted with a red border.)

Oli Herbert property line

When pressed for details regarding the timeline of Herbert's death, Beth used the comment section of her "toxicology results" Facebook post to provide these details:

"One of the drugs can have a hallucinogenic effect, also restlessness. Oli kept wanting to go outside that night before he disappeared and he kept walking towards the pond, which is a pitch black part of our property as well as very slippery.. Add to that fact that it was raining that evening. Apparently, he left the house after I went to bed so I couldn't stop him and bring him back inside."

Meanwhile, on October 24, a Facebook page dubbed Justice For Oli Herbert was launched by undisclosed individuals who clearly believe that foul play was involved in Herbert's death. On November 6 the page began to focus on Herbert's widow, Beth (aka Elizabeth Jane).

Citing a handful of text messages and Facebook posts purportedly authored by either Oli or Beth as evidence, Justice For Oli Herbert asserts that the couple were all but estranged and Oli "desperately wanted a divorce."

Oli and Beth Herbert headed for divorce

One commenter on the Justice For Oli Herbert page says Oli personally told her that his wife was "evil":

"I've been following this since day one. We spent the day with him in the Bahamas. He told my husband and I about what an evil bitch she was. I kind of forgot about it until I read her strange statement. I thought I was the only one investigating this. Good on you guys!!! So relieved to have found this page."

The page has also shared some bizarre posts from Beth's personal Facebook account, all made in the weeks following Oli's death, including one showing a photograph of the pond in which Herbert presumably died.

Beth Herbert Facebook posts

Oddly, some of the posts remained on Beth's Facebook page yesterday morning, but were removed (or hidden) just hours later. Moreover, within the last two days, Beth's statement on The Official Oli Herbert Page regarding his cause of death was deleted.

This week, the Justice For Oli Herbert Facebook page went so far as to suggest that Beth Herbert and a friend cleared brush between the Herbert home and the Hydeville pond several weeks before Oli's death so that the pond would be more accessible for Oli and/or their scheme.

Oli Herbert pond

Even more damning, they purport that said friend used her notary license to help Beth change Oli's will illegally just a week before he died. Here is the screenshot they shared of the supposed document:

Oli Herbert forged will

To be fair, Beth Herbert certainly has some supporters, and we possess no concrete evidence to suggest that she was somehow involved. One must also consider that some people behave strangely in the face of grief, so her social media activity in the wake of her husband's death shouldn't necessarily be analyzed too carefully.

Regardless, there certainly are some unsettling facets to this case. For now, we'll have to assume that if anything nefarious has in fact taken place with regard to Oli Herbert's death, the authorities will get to the bottom of it.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Connecticut police are reportedly treating Oli Herbert's death as "suspicious."

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