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Tim Lambesis sentenced to 6 years in jail

Two weeks ago sentencing in the murder-for-hire legal case proceedings of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was postponed, apparently at the request of Lambesis and his legal team. As such, Lambesis and company were back in a Vista, CA courtroom this morning, appearing before Judge Carlos Armour for a sentencing hearing. Fortunately for those seeking actual news, today's hearing was more productive. Specifically, today Tim Lambesis was sentenced to six years in jail. He was granted 48 days for time already served. Additionally, Meggan Lambesis and children received ten years protection. Lambesis' As I Lay Dying bandmates Nick Hipa, Josh Gilbert, and Phil Sgrosso were on hand, as was Meggan Lambesis and other family members. Among those who spoke at the hearing were Meggan, her father Mike Murphy, and her mother, June. During his remarks Mike Murphy noted that the family still fears being harmed: "We know that prison is a great alibi for someone who wants to complete the deed." Murhpy also said of Lambesis, "He was only worried about the money. Tim is only sorry he got caught." According to a report from, here is what took place when Meggan Lambesis spoke:
When Meggan finally spoke, Lambesis turned in his seat to listen but didn't look into her face. The wife and mother of three adopted children, Meggan said Lambesis' behavior changed in the prior months. He had bullied her. He had become "dangerous." Reading a prepared statement, she claimed her life "felt as fragile as a piece of paper that could float away at any moment." Meggan explained to the court that Lambesis texted her the day before his arrest asking for his children's social security numbers: "He was tying up loose ends," she said. She now believes he was fantasizing about killing her in advance, quoting a favorite line from the Arnold Schwarzenegger's film Total Recall where he shoots his wife and says, "Consider that a divorce." Meggan closed by requesting the maximum sentence and a lifetime restraining order. also reports that when it was Tim Lambesis' turn to speak, he wept prior to looking at his wife, eventually saying, "I do feel deep remorse. I want to thank you. For her prayers, which proves you still have the heart that you do." Meanwhile, Lambesis gave an interview to Alternative Press shortly before being sentenced, effectively breaking is year-long silence. You can check that out here. It's a fascinating read. During the interview, here is how Lambesis described the situation:
"I did fall flat on my face. I hit rock bottom. I lost everything. The trauma, the solitude: It made me the person I think they hoped I would eventually become. I know I have a long road ahead of me. I know that making amends will be a difficult process. But if they are open for it, this story of tragedy turning into redemption, it's a story that's just as much in their hands at this point as it is mine. They wanted to see me go through whatever it took to make me a good father. Now I have, and I'm not allowed to be a father."

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