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10/19/2016 Nick Hipa fed up with Tim Lambesis: 'Nothing has changed'
9/29/2016 Wovenwar guitarist Phil Sgrosso leaves band
9/7/2016 Wovenwar announce new album, premiere song
8/8/2016 Soilwork, Unearth, Wovenwar, Battlecross tour
6/22/2016 Unearth recruits As I Lay Dying, Wovenwar drummer for tour
5/3/2016 Poison Headache reveal 'mystery member', premiere song
4/4/2016 Wovenwar begins recording new album
8/22/2015 Unearth, Wovenwar tour dates
8/13/2015 Atreyu announces support acts for fall tour
7/23/2015 Metal community reacts to passing of Justin Lowe
3/16/2015 Sylosis, Wovenwar tour dates (Europe)
12/17/2014 In Flames, All That Remains, Wovenwar tour
11/5/2014 Periphery, Nothing More, Wovenwar tour
6/11/2014 Wovenwar announces record release shows
5/27/2014 Wovenwar (As I Lay Dying) set for first tour
4/29/2014 In Flames tour (Europe)
4/21/2014 Wovenwar announces first shows
4/17/2014 Oh, Sleeper singer Shane Blay puts rumors to rest
4/14/2014 As I Lay Dying members announce new band Wovenwar

News Tidbits
6/26/2017 Wovenwar has released a new music video.
10/19/2016 Another new Wovenwar track is available online.
10/11/2016 Another new Wovenwar song is available online.
8/10/2015 Wovenwar has released a video for "Archers."
1/29/2015 Wovenwar's new video for "Death To Rights" has made its online debut.
10/2/2014 New earnings and attendance data for shows featuring A Day To Remember, The All Stars Tour, Wovenwar, and many more.
8/13/2014 The debut album from Wovenwar has debuted at #36 on the Billboard 200 chart.
8/7/2014 Wovenwar (As I Lay Dying) has debuted their new video for "All Rise."
7/28/2014 Wovenwar (As I Lay Dying) has debuted a track from their new LP.
6/18/2014 Wovenwar (As I Lay Dying) has posted another new song.
6/3/2014 Wovenwar has posted episode #3 of their studio update video series.
5/12/2014 Wovenwar (As I Lay Dying) has posted the first episode of a new in-studio video series.
5/6/2014 Wovenwar (As I Lay Dying) previews a new song while documenting their first year as a band.
4/21/2014 Wovenwar (As I Lay Dying) has premiered their first new song.

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