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Nick Hipa fed up with Tim Lambesis: 'Nothing has changed'

In a new interview with, former As I Lay Dying (and current Wovenwar) guitarist Nick Hipa discusses his ongoing frustration with former AILD frontman Tim Lambesis, infamously jailed for plotting to kill his estranged wife. Hipa says that it took awhile for he and his Wovenwar bandmates to finally reflect upon Lambesis' arrest and the dissolution of As I Lay Dying: "We never actually gave ourselves a second to be pissed off. We never gave ourselves much time to be sad... We didn't know what was going on and we were still reeling from everything, so we were just trying to be positive and focused." Whatever peace Hipa and company eventually managed to achieve was fractured when Lambesis gave an interview to Alternative Press that was published the same day Lambesis received a six-year prison sentence.
"The day he had to account for what he had done, all this comes out. And then the response to that was a lot of people supported him. A lot of people said negative things about Meggan and her family, and it was very hurtful to them. They felt like [as] the victims of the situation [they] never had a voice, never stood a chance... You get things like that that would come out, and people would chime in on it. It would shape the way that people viewed us and what we were doing. People would go out of their way to personally tell me how terrible a dude I was, how much they hoped awful things would happen to me and my family. "None of them know those kids or that woman like we do. They don't understand what he put them through to get her to a place to be like, 'You know what? I have to protect these children from you. If anyone can look at the situation objectively, they can even see this guy tried to have someone murdered, and his reasoning was that he was on steroids so he was unable to think rationally, and he lost his religion, so he wasn't able to make any moral decisions. This is who he says he was at the time, and that's why he tried to kill her. If that's the type of person you're admitting to being, what sort of good mother do you think would let their kids hang around with that [kind of] personality?"
Hipa was once again confounded when Lambesis later filed a $35 million lawsuit against two California detention facilities:
"It's sad to see somebody that we spent so much of our lives with end up in such a place. He could have made such a great impact on this world, but he just gave in to the worst parts of himself. Even more discouraging for me is the fact that he's trying to file a lawsuit for that amount. It says to me he's still the same sort of personality at his core; nothing has changed. He thinks of himself a certain way, and he thinks of himself in a situation he created as a victim."

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