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7/5/2024 Vulvodynia drop "Isandlwana" (ft. David Simonich of Signs of The Swarm) along w/ new album release
6/13/2024 Vulvodynia release second new single "Adamaster" ft Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher off impending album
5/9/2024 Vulvodynia reveal title track from upcoming 'Entabeni' full-length album
5/5/2024 Vulvodynia reveal details on upcoming new album, 'Entabeni'
3/11/2024 Fallujah reveal details for 'The Flesh Prevails' 10th anniversary North American tour
1/31/2024 Ingested unveil European headlining tour dates w/ Fallujah, Vulvodynia, & Mélancolia
8/6/2023 Duncan Bentley reclaims Vulvodynia Instagram account
7/12/2023 Vulvodynia unveil Lwandile Prusent as new vocalist
5/10/2023 Ex-Vulvodynia vocalist Duncan Bentley issues statement addressing physical altercation w/ drummer
5/8/2023 Vulvodynia continue tour despite ex-vocalist's violent departure
5/7/2023 Vulvodynia drummer Tom Hughes gives more detail on violent incident with ex-vocalist Duncan Bentley
5/7/2023 Vulvodynia vocalist Duncan Bentley removed from band over violence towards drummer
5/5/2023 AngelMaker plan "Suffer Forever" tour w/ Vulvodynia, Falsifier, Carcosa, and A Wake In Providence
4/15/2023 Vulvodynia pay tribute to Trevor Strnad with new melodic death metal single "Eulogy of Ashes"
12/17/2022 Vulvodynia, To The Grave, and more to join Unique Leader 25th anniversary tour
10/26/2022 Vulvodynia release track 'Artificial Divinity' via Unique Leader

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