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Duncan Bentley reclaims Vulvodynia Instagram account

Duncan Bentley

Ex-Vulvodynia vocalist Duncan Bentley has reclaimed the band's Instagram account. It is now listed as a "backup account" for his main Instagram handle. 

In a post that has since been deleted, he stated:

"Hey guys! 💖 Just popping in to let you know that Bob and I have reclaimed this account! 😌 I started this account back in 2015 and spent countless hours curating content and growing the following to what it is today so it's amazing to finally have it back! 

Name change is underway! I've begin uploading weekly covers to my YouTube channel (link in bio) and I have a new band with Bob coming soon! 😎 Watch this space! 🔥 XoXo"

Vulvodynia had removed Bentley from the band weeks ago after a physical altercation with the band's drummer, Tom Hughes, left him with a broken nose. The band claimed manipulation and repeated violence occurred over Bentley's time in the band. The vocalist himself released a statement some time after.

The band had since moved on, moving a guitar player to vocalist and continuing to tour

Now it appears the ex-vocalist has reclaimed their Instagram handle, @vulvodyniaslam, with 80,000 followers and 1200 posts as his own. The band has created a new Instagram handle @vulvodyniaofficial.


Vulvodynia (@vulvodyniaofficial) • Instagram photos and videos


Duncan Bentley Vocals (@vulvodyniaslam) • Instagram photos and videos

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