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2/27/2024 Sepultura welcome new drummer Greyson Nekrutman after Eloy Casagrande exits band
12/8/2023 Sepultura plan to disband following world tour
11/21/2023 Savage Lands (members of Megadeth, Sepultura, and Obituary) share new single to help reforestation
1/16/2023 Kreator & Sepultura team up for North American tour
5/2/2022 Max and Igor Cavalera announce support acts for 'Return Beneath Arise Tour'
4/8/2022 Sepultura postpones Mexico shows
4/5/2022 Max and Igor Cavalera recruit Daniel Gonzalez and Mike Leon for 'Return Beneath Arise' tour
4/4/2022 Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande breaks leg in stage accident
3/14/2022 Incite debut new track feat. Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura)
3/7/2022 Max and Igor Cavalera to tour U.S. playing Sepultura 'Beneath The Remains' and 'Arise' songs
2/1/2022 ex-Sepultura, Neurosis, Amenra members launch Absent In Body, premiere new song
1/10/2022 Sepultura announce Mexico shows
10/26/2021 ex-Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera and Integrity's Dwid Hellion launch Corroded Spiral
10/18/2021 Sepultura postpone Europe, UK tour with Sacred Reich, Crowbar
9/28/2021 Extinction A.D. sign with Unique Leader, announce new EP and single
7/29/2021 Sepultura announce North American tour with Crowbar, Sacred Reich
7/2/2020 Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Crowbar announce 2021 tour
4/16/2020 Throwdown announce 'Take Cover' EP
2/29/2020 Max & Igor Cavalera to bring 'Return Beneath Arise' to America
12/17/2019 Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Crowbar tour announced
11/8/2019 Sepultura premiere first new song from upcoming album
10/22/2019 Hatebreed frontman to release new Jasta album in December
10/7/2019 Sepultura announce new concept album
10/4/2019 Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura) wins libel case
9/19/2019 Sepultura finish recording new album
8/9/2019 Sepultura recording new album
7/21/2019 Petbrick (feat. Igor Cavalera) sign with CCA, premiere song
5/9/2019 Sepultura to record new album this summer
4/22/2019 Sepultura banned from Lebanon for being 'devil worshippers'
4/12/2019 Nails release new single, announce tour dates
7/1/2018 Cavalera brothers plan Sepultura 'Beneath The Remains', 'Arise' shows
11/20/2017 Sepultura, Death Angel to tour Australia, New Zealand
10/19/2017 Sepultura, Goatwhore, Obscura to tour Europe
5/23/2017 Cavalera Conspiracy recording new album
12/16/2016 Max and Igor Cavalera announce new leg of 'Roots' tour
12/12/2016 Max and Igor Cavalera, Immolation, Full of Hell tour
12/5/2016 New England Metal Fest 2017 announced
12/5/2016 Testament, Sepultura, Prong tour announced
11/10/2016 Sepultura releases new song
10/28/2016 Sepultura announces new album
10/7/2016 Korn frontman says Sepultura album was a 'blatant rip-off'
9/21/2016 Max Cavalera: I should've kept Sepultura name, fired 'two a-holes'
9/15/2016 Max Cavalera to appear on new Body Count album
7/29/2016 Max and Igor Cavalera announce 'Roots' North America tour
5/11/2016 Kreator, Sepultura, Soilwork, Aborted to tour Europe
4/6/2016 Sepultura set to record new album
2/5/2016 Max and Igor Cavalera to perform 'Roots' on tour
11/10/2015 Max Cavalera ordered to pay $13,000 for libel
4/24/2015 Sepultura announces 30th anniversary EP
3/10/2015 Sepultura announces fan tattoo contest
3/2/2015 Sepultura, Destruction, Arsis tour announced
8/26/2014 Cavalera Conspiracy album set for release
7/24/2014 Sepultura announces live LP with percussion group
12/5/2013 Max Cavalera recording music for World Cup on ESPN
11/20/2013 Roadrunner signs 'Latin supergroup' De La Tierra
10/29/2013 Sepultura cancels North American tour
10/7/2013 Sepultura, Legion of the Damned, etc tour (Europe)
9/16/2013 Ohio Metalfest lineup announced
9/12/2013 Sepultura, Unearth, Kataklysm, Dark Sermon tour
9/6/2013 Max Cavalera, Troy Sanders, Greg Puciato in studio
7/19/2013 Sepultura announces title of next album
7/10/2013 Sepultura finishes recording new album
4/4/2013 Sepultura to reunite with producer Ross Robinson
2/28/2013 Sepultura begins work on new album
2/7/2012 Sepultura, Death Angel, Krisiun tour dates
1/29/2012 Sepultura, Death Angel, Krisiun tour
11/13/2011 Sepultura announces new drummer
8/23/2011 Sepultura, Exodus, Destruction tour (Europe)
7/5/2011 Machine Head, Sepultura tour (South America)
12/3/2010 Sepultura, Keep Of Kalessin, Neuraxis, Hate tour
7/24/2010 Persistence Tour 2010 (Europe) dates
7/6/2010 Sepultura signs with Nuclear Blast Records
3/17/2010 Sepultura, Gama Bomb tour (UK)
1/14/2010 Sepultura, Crowbar, Gama Bomb tour (Europe)
6/27/2008 Sepultura finishes recording new album
9/13/2007 Cavalera Conspiracy album announced
10/5/2006 Sepultura, Sworn Enemy, Diecast, etc. tour
4/10/2003 Full Blown Chaos added to Sepultura tour
7/8/2001 Sepultura & Roadrunner part ways
4/19/2001 Hatebreed and Sepultura to tour Europe
4/3/2001 Sepultura to tour Europe in May
3/7/2001 More info on Sepultura digi-pak
2/20/2001 Sepultura & Hatebreed dates
2/14/2001 V.O.D. bails on Sepultura tour
2/1/2001 VOD to tour with Sepultura, etc.
1/25/2001 Hatebreed lands Sepultura gig
1/4/2001 More info on Sepultura album
11/20/2000 More info on Sepultura album
11/17/2000 Sepultura to play Rock In Rio
10/24/2000 Sepultura studio update
10/4/2000 Sepultura studio update
9/22/2000 New Sepultura tracks confirmed
8/17/2000 Sepultura update
8/2/2000 Sepultura update

News Tidbits
2/9/2022 Anthrax's Scott Ian covers Sepultura classic 'Territory' with 10-year-old son on drums
4/5/2021 Mastodon, Faith No More, etc. members cover Public Enemy
3/25/2021 one of the greatest metal albums ever was released 30 years ago today
10/23/2020 Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb joined Sepultura for a quarantine performance of 'Phantom Self'
9/17/2020 Sepultura share new music video
5/7/2020 video: Sepultura perform 'Refuse/Resist' while in quarantine
12/20/2019 Sepultura stream new track
9/21/2019 Omnium Gatherum issue new song and Sepultura cover
4/19/2018 Video: Pig Destroyer and Misery Index members perform Sepultura song with Max Cavalera and Soulfly.
3/4/2017 Mike Patton performed the Sepultura song "Lookaway" with Max and Igor Cavalera last night. Here's the video.
12/22/2016 Sepultura has unveiled a new song and music video.
12/10/2016 Sepultura has premiered a new song titled "I Am The Enemy."
6/25/2016 Video: Max and Igor Cavalera perform Sepultura's Roots album at Amnesia Rockfest.
4/29/2016 A new Death Angel track and music video is available online.
4/3/2016 Lody Kong, featuring two of Max Cavalera's sons, have released a new music video.
3/23/2016 Max and Igor Cavalera will play 'Roots' at the same fest Sepultura will be playing. Awkward.
11/13/2015 Here is Misery Index's cover of the Sepultura track "Primitive Future."
7/6/2015 Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" covered in 20 styles including Sepultura and Black Sabbath.
6/10/2015 Sepultura has debuted a lyric video for new song "Under My Skin."
4/27/2015 Sepultura has premiered a new song.
1/30/2015 Here's a creepy tale about a crazed fan who stalked Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Sepultura) and family.
1/7/2015 Here are some iconic metal album covers (Pantera, Slayer, etc.) redesigned in smooth jazz fashion.
4/24/2014 Video of Max Cavalera and Suicide Silence covering Sepultura's "Roots Bloody Roots" at the Golden Gods Awards show last night is available online.
11/6/2013 Sepultura has debuted their new music video for "The Vatican."
11/6/2013 How were first-week sales numbers for the new Sepultura album?
10/25/2013 Sepultura have launched a full album stream for their new release.
10/18/2013 Sepultura is currently previewing six tracks from their upcoming release.
9/19/2013 Sepultura has premiered a track from their forthcoming album.
9/6/2013 Sepultura has uploaded a new trailer for their forthcoming album.
7/4/2012 Drumcorps has uploaded a new song featuring Igor Cavalera (Sepultura) and Leo Miller (Animosity).
1/9/2009 Hatebreed has uploaded their cover of Sepultura's "Refuse/Resist."
12/1/2008 Two new Sepultura songs are available online here.
1/30/2006 Sepultura have posted a portion of another new song (titled "Ostia").

10/13/2021 Max Cavalera of Soulfly, Killer Be Killed, & more

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