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Max and Igor Cavalera recruit Daniel Gonzalez and Mike Leon for 'Return Beneath Arise' tour

With brothers and former Sepultura members Max and Igor Cavalera set to tour the U.S. this spring for their "Return Beneath Arise" tour, the pair have recruited Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed, Gruesome) and Mike Leon (Soulfly, ex-The Absence) to round out their live band.

The quartet will perform a hybrid setlist exclusively of cuts from iconic Sepultura albums Beneath the Remains and Arise. The trek runs throughout the United States in May and June of 2022.

Max Cavalera comments: "Beneath The Remains/Arise tour is coming! Introducing on bass guitar, thrashing and blasting bass beast Mike Leon and on lead guitar, state of the art, death/thrash expert, Daniel Gonzalez. We're gonna take these songs to the Metal world in the most brutal way ever! Under a pale gray sky, we shall Arise."

Igor adds: "We can only count with the illest players to step on stage with me and Max to play Beneath/Arise. So getting Dan Gonzalez from Possessed/Gruesome and Mike Leon from Soulfly was an amazing choice!... Can't wait to hit the road!"

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