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4/24/2018 Ruiner tour dates (Europe)
3/8/2017 Ruiner announces California tour
8/9/2016 Ruiner hope to play more shows, but have no plans to record
3/28/2016 This Is Hardcore 2016 lineup announced
2/29/2016 Ruiner to reunite at This Is Hardcore 2016
2/12/2014 No Sleep Records signs Old Lines (ex-Ruiner)
6/4/2010 Ruiner breaking up
6/2/2010 Carpathian, Ruiner tour (Europe)
5/10/2010 Ruiner victims of theft in Montreal
3/1/2010 Ruiner tour schedule
2/3/2010 Ruiner tour (Australia)
1/14/2010 Ruiner tour schedule
10/7/2009 Ruiner tour (Europe)
8/4/2009 Ruiner announces new EP
6/19/2009 Ruiner set to record new album
4/15/2009 In The Hollows (Ruiner) set to release debut
3/11/2009 Polar Bear Club, Ruiner, Defeater tour (UK)
2/6/2009 Ruiner news and notes
9/20/2008 Ruiner, Break Even tour (Australia)
9/2/2008 Ruiner, FC Five tour schedule
8/4/2008 Bridge Nine Recs to release Ruiner collection
7/8/2008 Ruiner, Counting The Days tour (Europe)
4/21/2008 Ruiner tour schedule
2/20/2008 Ruiner replaces guitarist
2/8/2008 Ruiner, Killing The Dream tour dates
11/26/2007 Ruiner tour schedule
9/21/2007 Ruiner tour schedule
8/5/2007 Ruiner and Sinking Ships tour (Europe)
5/22/2007 Ruiner tour schedule
4/11/2007 Ruiner set to release limited EP
4/4/2007 Rwake and Black Cobra tour
4/2/2007 Die Young (TX) and Ruiner tour
3/5/2007 Ruiner signs w/ Bridge Nine Records
1/31/2007 Ruiner and 1917 Records part ways
12/6/2006 Ruiner set to record new album
8/26/2006 Ruiner tour dates (Europe)
8/11/2006 Ruiner prepares new album
4/19/2006 Ruiner tour schedule
12/10/2005 Ruiner and Final Fight tour
10/10/2005 Dead Hearts and Ruiner tour
8/11/2005 Ruiner sign w/ 1917 Records

News Tidbits
7/30/2014 Holy Tongues (ex-Ruiner) have unveiled a track from their debut LP.

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