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Ruiner set to record new album

Official press release: Bridge Nine Records's anti-heroes Ruiner will be heading into The Magpie Cage with producer J. Robbins (Paint It Black, Against Me) beginning on July 6th to record their follow-up to 2007's critically acclaimed "Prepare To Be Let Down." Vocalist Rob Sullivan said, "The songs we have written for this record are honestly the best work we have ever done. We took a lot of time off to deal with personal lives, having been on the road for about three years, and wrote some of our best music yet. The addition of a new guitar player last year changed things in such a positive way as well. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would write lyrically for this record and I think it encompasses to the best of my ability where I am now." Titled "Hell Is Empty" (which was agreed upon via a 5-way rock-paper-scissors battle), the songs on this new album are somewhere between "What Could Possibly Go Right" and "Prepare To Be Let Down." While the record is a step forward musically, it will return to a less "safe" writing style that Ruiner has taken in the past. "Hell Is Empty" will no doubt be some of Ruiner's best and most dynamic work to date. "Hell Is Empty" will be recorded with J. Robbins, whom Ruiner has worked with in the past. Sullivan went on to say, "Earlier in the year we recorded a cover of Oasis's 'Morning Glory' which we hope to have out this summer on Vinyl Collective. After that experience, we knew J. was whom we would want to work with on the next LP. His musical and recording endeavors are all over the place and he holds no presumptions of what you should sound like as a band. He just wants the best sounding record you have in you to make." Expect "Hell Is Empty" to be available in stores and online on September 22nd, 2009, and Ruiner will be on their first full U.S. tour since the summer of 2008 this coming October in support of its release.

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