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Ruiner announces new EP

Official press release: As Ruiner gears up to release their upcoming full-length, Hell Is Empty, on September 22nd, they are proud to announce their teaser EP – the Dead Weight EP. Featuring the track "Dead Weight" off of Hell Is Empty and two exclusives, "Constrictor" and "Ruiner" (Nine Inch Nails cover), the Dead Weight EP will be available on September 8th via Bridge Nine Records and was recorded with J. Robbins during the Hell Is Empty sessions. Vocalist Rob Sullivan said, "the song 'Dead Weight' is about my distaste for where I work and the neighborhood in which I live and how sometimes, regardless of your ability to breathe, you are already dead." And regarding the Nine Inch Nails cover, "Ruiner", Rob commented, "NIN is one band who I have loved since I was in middle school, and I still listen to them on the regular. It is where we got our name from and we knew one day we would try to pull off recording the song 'Ruiner.' Hopefully we did it justice." Interesting fact: J. Robbins actually plays the odd synth guitar part that is done with a keyboard on the original version of the song.

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