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Rings of Saturn

5/14/2024 Lucas Mann confused over guitarist's exit, but reaffirms "Rings Of Saturn IS the Lucas Mann project"
4/27/2024 Rings Of Saturn guitarist Joel Omans quits the band
3/19/2024 Rings of Saturn are done with vocalists
1/22/2024 Rings Of Saturn debut latest single "Theogony", introduce Ryan Sinnott as new drummer
9/7/2023 Eminem protégé Ez Mil talks death metal ambitions, names top 5 death metal bands
8/9/2023 Rings of Saturn and Berried Alive drop "DADS" sequel, "DADS 2 - BERRYA 51" ft DjentBeard solo
6/27/2023 Rings Of Saturn and Berried Alive to release follow-up collaboration track, "DADS 2 - BERRYA 51"
2/20/2023 Vio-lence announce Exmortus and ex-Rings Of Saturn members as touring replacements
4/11/2022 Rings Of Saturn headlining summer tour with Extortionist, Distinguisher, More
1/31/2022 Alissa White-Gluz, Randy Blythe, Dallas Taylor, more to star in new vampire movie 'Virginia Bitches'
1/11/2022 Rings Of Saturn drummer Mike Caputo quits band to join Brand Of Sacrifice
11/22/2021 The Black Dahlia Murder, Rings Of Saturn cancel European tour
5/14/2021 Rings Of Saturn part ways with vocalist, now instrumental band
4/30/2021 Nuclear Blast Records drops Rings Of Saturn
1/1/2021 The Black Dahlia Murder, Rings Of Saturn to tour Europe
9/9/2020 Rings Of Saturn announce new drummer
6/10/2020 The Black Dahlia Murder, Rings Of Saturn to tour Europe, UK
8/30/2019 Rings Of Saturn detail new album, debut first single
8/21/2019 Rings Of Saturn, Enterprise Earth, AngelMaker tour
4/7/2019 Rings Of Saturn guitarist explains absence from road
4/2/2019 Rings Of Saturn set for first tour of Australia, New Zealand
3/16/2019 Rings Of Saturn, Nekrogoblikon to co-headline tour of Europe
1/28/2019 Rings Of Saturn recruit drummer Marco Pitruzzella for new album
12/12/2018 Rings Of Saturn finish writing new album
11/14/2018 The Faceless announce full dates for 'Planetary Duality' tour
10/19/2018 The Faceless announces 'Planetary Duality' 10th anniversary tour
5/27/2018 Rings Of Saturn guitarist and drummer quit band
2/20/2018 Origin to tour Europe with Rings Of Saturn
1/16/2018 Rings Of Saturn, Nekrogoblikon, Allegaeon, Entheos tour
8/28/2017 Whitechapel, Carnifex, Rings Of Saturn announce tour
8/8/2017 Rings Of Saturn album debuts in Billboard Top 100
6/6/2017 Summer Slaughter 2017 lineup announced
6/3/2017 Rings Of Saturn announce new album, premiere song
5/30/2017 Rings Of Saturn, Lorna Shore teased for Summer Slaughter 2017
3/18/2017 Rings Of Saturn denied entry into Canada
12/14/2016 Carnifex, Despised Icon, Fallujah tour announced
12/11/2016 Carnifex, Despised Icon, Fallujah to tour North America
5/17/2016 Rings of Saturn sign with Nuclear Blast
4/20/2016 Rings of Saturn, The Browning, Lorna Shore tour
3/22/2016 Rock'n Derby 2016 lineup finalized
3/3/2016 Enterprise Earth joined by ex-Rings of Saturn guitarist
2/24/2016 Thy Art Is Murder, Rings of Saturn, FFAA tour announced
2/23/2016 Thy Art Is Murder, Rings of Saturn, Fit For An Autopsy tour
11/24/2015 Aversions Crown, Rings Of Saturn tour (Europe)
9/29/2015 After The Burial explains decision to resume touring
9/28/2015 The Faceless, After The Burial, Rings Of Saturn tour
12/26/2014 Rings Of Saturn announce new guitarist
12/18/2014 ex-Rings Of Saturn guitarist assails bandleader
12/9/2014 Rings Of Saturn guitarist quits band
10/23/2014 Rings Of Saturn: We aren't performing new songs
10/22/2014 Elitist cancels tour due to medical emergency
9/30/2014 Rings Of Saturn tour dates (Mexico)
9/10/2014 As Blood Runs Black announces North American tour
7/8/2014 The Summer Slaughter Tour Canada announced
6/10/2014 Rings Of Saturn, Arsonists Get All The Girls tour
6/10/2014 Rings Of Saturn complete new album
12/20/2013 Rings of Saturn drummer quits; replacement sought
8/27/2013 Beneath The Massacre, Legion, Rings Of Saturn tour
5/5/2013 Rings Of Saturn announces new drummer
4/19/2013 The Faceless, Within The Ruins tour dates (Canada)
4/12/2013 Thy Art Is Murder added to Summer Slaughter Tour
4/2/2013 Rings of Saturn wins spot on Summer Slaughter Tour
4/1/2013 Rings of Saturn, King Conquer tour dates (Canada)
3/22/2013 The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 lineup revealed
2/23/2013 Suffocation, Exhumed, Jungle Rot tour
6/18/2012 Rings of Saturn album set for release
2/22/2012 Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted tour dates
2/1/2012 Rings of Saturn seek new singer
1/23/2012 Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted, etc. tour
8/3/2011 Decapitated, Decrepit Birth, Haarp Machine tour
5/24/2011 CFTG, Contortionist, Scale The Summit tour
11/26/2010 Rings of Saturn sign w/ Unique Leader Records

News Tidbits
9/20/2019 Rings Of Saturn premiere new track via guitar playthrough video
4/6/2018 Rings Of Saturn have issued a new music video.
7/7/2017 Rings Of Saturn have unveiled a new track.
8/28/2015 A new version of an older Rings of Saturn song featuring their current vocalist is now online.
9/23/2014 Rings Of Saturn have debuted another track from their upcoming album.
8/13/2014 Rings Of Saturn have premiered their new video for "Senseless Massacre."
2/23/2011 Rings Of Saturn (Unique Leader) have uploaded a video update.

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