Remembering Never news


6/10/2019new Lambgoat podcast episide featuring Mean Pete of Remembering Never, Ether Coven, Bishop
11/14/2013Remembering Never has unveiled two more tracks from their forthcoming album.
9/11/2013Remembering Never has premiered two tracks from their forthcoming album.
7/18/2013Ex-members of Nightrage, Into the Moat, and Remembering Never recently launched a new band called Meridian Dawn.
5/1/2013Ether, featuring members of Remembering Never, has made their new album available for free download.
2/8/2013This weekend's Eat Your Heart Out Fest in NY has been cancelled due to the impending snowstorm.


12/9/2020Ether Coven, Remembering Never vocalist's cancer in remission
8/15/2020Ether Coven frontman issues update on cancer battle
3/3/2020Remembering Never, Ether Coven frontman battling cancer
11/13/2018Ether (Remembering Never) signs with Century Media
8/28/2018Remembering Never to begin work on new album
2/19/2018Remembering Never teases return
4/18/2017Ether (Remembering Never) debut video, set to release new LP
6/4/2014Remembering Never, Vice tour dates
12/2/2013Southeast Beast Festival lineup takes shape
10/16/2013Remembering Never LP set for release; new song up
8/21/2013Remembering Never finishes recording new album
2/20/2012Remembering Never debuts new song
6/25/2010Remembering Never announces shows, new song
5/6/2010Remembering Never members start new band
1/3/2009Remembering Never news and notes
9/13/2006Remembering Never, Full Blown Chaos tour
6/23/2006Remembering Never, Ligeia, Ed Gein, etc. tour
5/30/2006Shai Hulud, Remembering Never, etc. tour (Europe)
4/15/2006Bury Your Dead, Remembering Never, etc. dates
3/10/2006Bury Your Dead, Remembering Never, etc. tour
1/4/2006Remembering Never, Ramallah, DBD, etc. tour
11/21/2005Remembering Never debut to see re-release
10/21/2005Remembering Never enter studio
7/18/2005Throwdown, Remembering Never, etc. tour
2/18/2005Terror, Remembering Never, etc. dates
12/5/2004Lit vs. Remembering Never
11/24/2004Eighteen Visions, Misery Signals, etc. tour
10/8/2004Most Precious Blood, Remembering Never tour
10/4/200418V, Remembering Never, etc. tour cancelled
5/20/2004Until The End replaces vocalist
4/16/2004Remembering Never and Scars Of Tomorrow tour
1/11/2004Remembering Never, Calico System, etc. tour
12/8/2003Remembering Never, On Broken Wings tour
10/6/2003Remembering Never recording new album
8/13/2003Remembering Never to enter studio in October
4/9/2003Dead To Fall, Remembering Never dates
2/3/2003Remembering Never and Beloved tour dates
1/6/2003Remembering Never, Beloved, etc. tour
11/5/2002ETID, Misery Signals, Remembering Never tour
1/31/2002Mike Ski handling Remembering Never artwork
7/8/2001Ferret announces two new signings