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Ether Coven frontman issues update on cancer battle

Ether Coven and Remembering Never vocalist Peter Kowalsky has put forth an update regarding his battle with stage 3 colon cancer, originally revealed early this year. Kowalsky's update reads as follows:
"Hope everyone is staying safe and not sharing conspiracy theory articles and still fighting white supremacy... "After calling the doctor about nonstop neuropathy this last cycle, I got a call back and they said they were cutting the last treatment since it will be about 6 months (which is the national guidelines), and the neuropathy pushed that decision over the edge. Tuesday coming up will be my last treatment and then scans every few months for the next few years I imagine. "I am so grateful to be done with this shit. It's been some nightmare I could've never imagined. I have documented the whole journey and will be posting it after my next treatment at some point, moreso for anyone that will have to go thru this to have an idea what to expect, not that everyone will have the same side effects. I think someone reading exactly what happened as it happened will help them feel less alone. Alone is a real tricky word when it comes to something like this. "Either way, thank you to everyone for checking in, inquiring, etc... We're finally at the end of road with this treatment but we ain't outta the woods. "The only way out is through."
In related news, Ether Coven have commenced the writing process for their next album.

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